Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

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  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Course description
    20-Credit BA or BSc with Major in Psychology

    Departmental Requirements

    1000 level

    •     PSYO 1011.03/1012.03 or PSYO 1021.03/1022.03 or SCIE 1501X/Y.27, 1503X/Y.21, 1504X/Y.27 or 1510X/Y.33 with a grade of B- or better

    2000 level

    A normal second-year program will include three required half-credit classes and three elective half-credit classes in Psychology. Care should be taken in selecting second-year elective classes to ensure they will provide the necessary prerequisites for classes intended to be taken in the third and fourth years of study.

    Required Second-Year Classes are:

    •     PSYO 2000.03: Methods in Experimental Psychology
    •     PSYO 2501.03: Statistical Methods I (or STAT 2080.03)
    •     PSYO 2770.03: Brain and Behaviour (recommended for students planning to take advanced Psychology classes)
        PSYO 2470.03: Systems Neuroscience (recommended for students planning to take advanced Neuroscience classes)

    Elective Second-Year Classes are:

    •     Three half credits required from -
              PSYO 2080.03: Social Psychology
              PSYO 2090.03: Developmental Psychology
              PSYO 2130.03: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
              PSYO 2140.03: Learning
              PSYO 2160.03: Animal Behaviour
              PSYO 2170.03: Hormones and Behaviour
              PSYO 2220.03: Abnormal Behaviour
              PSYO 2570.03: Cellular Neuroscience
    (Total = 3 full or 6 half credits) 3000 level
    •     Four full credits or eight half credits at or above the 3000 level are required to graduate. Students must take a minimum of two half-credit classes in each of Category A and Category B, and complete a designated half-credit laboratory (LAB) class. Classes in Category C are intended for students planning to enter the Honours program.

    Category A. Brain, Language, Learning, and Cognition
          PSYO 3005.03: Perceptual Processes
          PSYO 3043.03: Neurobiology of Learning
          PSYO 3044.03: Laboratory Methods of Learning and Conditioning (LAB)
          PSYO 3051.03: Sensory Neuroscience 1. Vision (LAB)
          PSYO 3052.03: Sensory Neuroscience II. Hearing and Speech*
          PSYO 3084.03: Social Cognition
          PSYO 3131.03: Research Methods in Attention (LAB)
          PSYO 3132.03: Research Methods in Visual Cognition (LAB)
          PSYO 3133.03: Research Methods in Memory (LAB)
          PSYO 3134.03: Research Methods in Psycholinguistics (LAB)
          PSYO 3137.03: Research Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience (LAB)
          PSYO 3161.03: Measuring Behaviour (LAB)
          PSYO 3165.03: Neuroethology* (LAB)
          PSYO 3190.03: Psycholinguistics
          PSYO 3227.03: Principles of Human Neuropsychology
          PSYO 3237.03: Drugs and Behaviour
          PSYO 3260.03: Biological Rhythms*
          PSYO 3270.03: Developmental Neuroscience*
          PSYO 3370.03: Neuroscience Laboratory I* (LAB)
          PSYO 3371.03: Neuroscience Laboratory II* (LAB)
          PSYO 3670.03: Genes, Brain and Behaviour
          PSYO 3770.03: Behavioural Neuroscience
          PSYO 3775.03: Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory* (LAB)
          PSYO 3790.03: Neurolinguistics
          PSYO 3970.03: Molecular Neuroscience*
    *Requires PSYO/NESC 2470.03 as prerequisite.

    Category B. Clinical, Developmental, History, Personality, and Overviews of Psychology
          PSYO 3010.06: Advanced General Psychology
          PSYO 3030.03: Psychometrics (LAB)
          PSYO 3082.03: Experimental Social Psychology (LAB)
          PSYO 3091.03: Methods in Developmental Psychology (LAB)
          PSYO 3092.03: Early Development
          PSYO 3093.03: Development of Language and Literacy Abilities
          PSYO 3122.03: Methods in Experimental Clinical Psychology (LAB)
          PSYO 3129.03: Childhood Psychopathology
          PSYO 3220.03: Clinical Psychology
          PSYO 3224.03: Forensic Psychology
          PSYO 3225.03: Health Psychology
          PSYO 3280.03: Personality
          PSYO 3390.03: Cognitive Development
          PSYO 3581.03: History of Psychology I
          PSYO 3582.03: History of Psychology II

    Category C. Directed Research Classes for Potential Honours Students

    •     PSYO 3000.06: Independent Research in Modern Psychology
    •     PSYO 3001.03: Directed Project in Psychology
    (Total = 4 full or 8 half credits)

    Overall Total = 7 full-credit or 14 half-credit classes.

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