Bachelor of Applied Arts - Interior Design

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  • Objectives
    The Bachelor of Applied Arts - Interior Design program provides four years of full-time study to students wishing to pursue a professional career related to the design of the built environment. The curriculum integrates professional and general studies content with an emphasis on critical thinking and applied research, and is enriched with an additional focus on international perspectives in interior design. The program contains a strong experiential component that includes simulated studio experiences, community-based design initiatives, and a 14-week co-op work term. In their fourth year of study students are given the opportunity to specialize in an area of interest specific to the profession and are required to complete an applied research paper. This integration of theory, analysis, and practice prepares graduates to assume leadership roles within the profession. Graduates of the BAA - Interior Design will be able to apply strategic thinking and a research orientation to their responsibilities as professional interior designers, and will contribute to the development and evolution of the field of design. This program meets the eligibility requirements for CIDA accreditation at the first professional degree level. The program also qualifies graduates to meet industry standards as established by official interior design professional bodies (IDC, ARIDO, NCIDQ, ASID). This program is part of the Mobile Computing (laptop) Initiative at Algonquin College, which will better prepare students for an increasingly technology-oriented workplace. The curriculum has been designed to take advantage of student-centred learning and the possibilities afforded by working in a technology-enhanced environment. Students in programs that are part of the Mobile Computing initiative will be expected to own a laptop that meets College specifications. SUCCESS FACTORS You would be an excellent fit for the Bachelor of Applied Arts - Interior Design program if you: * Are curious about the spaces in which you live, work and play; * Would like to combine aesthics, technology and human need into a highly marketable career choice; * Enjoy using creative, strategic and critical thinking to solve problems; * Are interested in examining sustainable and global design issues; * Would like to take part in a 14-week paid coop program and graduate with a baccalaureate credential.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Applied Arts
  • Course description
    Programs at Algonquin College are delivered using a variety of instruction modes. Courses may be offered in the classroom or lab, entirely on-line, or in a hybrid mode which combines classroom sessions with on-line learning activities. Upon registration, each full-time student is provided an Algonquin e-mail account which is used to communicate important information about program or course events.

    Level: 01  

    DSN4010    Design Studio I
    DSN4011    Technical Communication I   
    DSN4012    Design Drawing I   
    DSN4013    Foundations of Design   
    DSN4014    History of Art I   
    ENL2012    Academic Writing I   

    Level: 02    

    DSN4020    Design Studio II   
    DSN4021    Technical Communication II   
    DSN4022    Design Drawing II   
    DSN4023    Issues in Design I   
    DSN4024    Introduction to Research   
    DSN4025    History of Art II   
    DSN4026    Environmental Psychology   

    Level: 03    

    DSN4030    Design Studio III   
    DSN4031    Design Technology I   
    DSN4032    Technical Communication III   
    DSN4033    Design Drawing III   
    DSN4034    Foundations in Design II   
    DSN4035    Critical/Creative Thinking Strategies   
    DSN4036    Global Perspectives   

    Level: 04   

    DSN4040    Design Studio IV   
    DSN4041    Design Technology II   
    DSN4042    Product Research I   
    DSN4043    Interpersonal Communication   
    DSN4044    Technical Communication IV   
    DSN4045    Design Drawing IV   
    DSN4046    Issues in Design II   

    Level: 05    

    DSN4050    Design Studio V   
    DSN4051    Design Technology III
    DSN4052    Lighting   
    DSN4053    Visual Communication I   
    DSN4054    Professional Pracice   
    DSN4055    Developmental Psychology   

    Elective: choose 1   

    DSN4056    Canada's Cultural Diversity   
    DSN4057    World Religions   

    Level: 06  

    DSN4060    Design Studio VI   
    DSN4061    Design Technology IV   
    DSN4062    Project Management   
    DSN4063    Visual Communication II   
    DSN4064    Professional Practice II   
    DSN4065    Environmental Science   

    Co-op: 01   

    DSN4100    Co-operative Work Term   

    Level: 07

    DSN4070    Design Studio VII   
    DSN4071    Senior Project I   
    DSN4072    Product Research II   
    DSN4073    Applied Research   
    ENL2015    Academic Writing II   

    Elective: choose 1   

    DSN4074    Environmental Economics   
    DSN4075    Ethics and the Environment   

    Level: 08   

    DSN4080    Senior Project II   
    DSN4081    Senior Seminar   
    DSN4082    Global Citizenship
    ENL2016    World Literature   
    ENL2017    Presentation Skills for Interior Design   

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