Associate of Arts Degree in Sociology

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  • Objectives
    Sociologists seek to understand how groups and group interactions influence human behaviour; how cultural, historical, socio-political, and economic factors influence group interactions; how social phenomena such as sexuality and gender, crime and deviance, ethnicity, family and community, socialization, religion, social movements, aging, and social/global stratification play a role in shaping our society. Sociologists conduct research, teach, counsel, and find work in the fields of law, social work and journalism, and government and even health-care fields. The Associate of Arts Degree program is designed to provide you with two years of study in your chosen academic area. As you work through your studies, you’ll complete 20 courses that will transfer to third year of a Bachelor Degree program at a BC university.
  • Academic Title
    Associated of Arts Degree in Sociology
  • Course description
    First Year
    Courses                                              Credits

    ENGL 150     English Composition     3.0
    ENGL 160     Introduction to English Literature     3.0
    ENGL 164     First Nations Literature     3.0
    MATH 116     Elementary Statistics     4.0
    MATH 108     Applied Calculus     4.0
      Any University Transfer COMP course     2.0 – 4.0
    SOC 100     Social Structure and Organization     3.0
    SOC 101     Social Processes & Institutions     3.0
    SOC 162     Social Problems     3.0
    SOC 120     Social Systems & the Environment     3.0
      Any 1st year University Transfer Arts course     3.0
    Two Humanities courses     6.0
    One Science course     3.0
    One Lab Science course     3.0
    Total Credits     26.0 – 28.0
    Second Year
    Courses                                         Credits

    SOC 220     Sociological Theory     3.0
    SSRM 280     Social Science Research Methods     3.0
    SOC 110     Women in Canadian Society     3.0
    SOC 112     Minority Relations in Canada     3.0
    Any two 2nd year University Transfer Arts courses     6.0
    Three electives, or, three of:     
    SOC 104     First Nations (Canada Past)     3.0
    SOC 106     First Nations (Canada Present)     3.0
    SOC 160     Family and Community     3.0
    SOC 230     Aboriginal Research Methods     3.0
    AND three of:
    SOC 200     Industrialization & Social Change     3.0
    SOC 210     Class, Status, and Power     3.0
    SOC 240     Society & Technological Change     3.0
    SOC 250     Sociology of Deviance     3.0
    Total credits     30.0

    Internship Options                           Credits
    CO-OP WEP     Workplace Education     0.0
    ASDG 101     Co-operative Work Experience 1 (Internship 1)     6.0
    Total Credits

    Co-op Options                               Credits
    CO-OP WEP     Workplace Education     0.0
    ASDG 101     Co-operative Work Experience 1 (Internship 1)     6.0
    ASDG 201     Co-operative Work Experience 2 (Internship 2)     6.0
    Total Credits

    You're required to enroll in a minimum of four courses per semester.


       1. Students transferring to the University of Victoria (UVic) require SOC (“A” minimum) or completion of SOC & one additional SOC course (includes SSRM ) with a minimum GPA, completion of two university-level ENGL courses with a minimum 4.5 GPA, SSRM 280 & SOC 162. For UVIC’s Social Research Concentration take one of: MATH 115, MATH 100, MATH 108, MATH 109.
       2. Students transferring to the University of British Columbia (UBC) require SOC 100, SOC 101 and MATH 116 and must meet the UBC Arts degree science requirement (as per the UBC calendar), require two 2nd year English courses and two second language courses (may substitute humanities elective if a second language completed to the grade 12 level) and one 2nd year UBC SOC not available at Camosun.
       3. SFU students require SOC 100, 101, 220, MATH 116, SSRM 280 and SFU SA 101.

    All programs contain a blend of Arts and Science courses so as to support the concept of a broad education. All courses need to be transferable to one of the four BC universities. In the course description this is indicated by (T).

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