Associate of Arts Degree in French

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  • Objectives
    As a language student you will actively participate in practice, take an active role in your studies, and take advantage of all occasions to hear and speak French and, to apply to real life situations, what has been practiced in class. In our multi-cultural environment, a second language can be the step through the door that you need to get ahead. French language specialists will find employment in the Airline Industry, in education, the Federal government, or in international business and development as translators for international business. Associate of Arts Degree in French is designed to provide you with two years of study in French. As you work through your studies, you’ll complete 20 courses transferrable to BC universities.
  • Academic Title
    Associate of Arts Degree in French
  • Course description
    Year 1
    Course                                             Credit

    ENGL 150     English Composition     3.0
    ENGL 160     Introduction to Literature     3.0
        ENGL 164     First Nations Literature     3.0
    FREN 120     French Language & Literature 1     4.0
    FREN 121     French Language & Literature 2     4.0
    Two Social Science courses     6.0
    Two 1st year University Transfer Arts courses     6.0
    One Science course     3.0
    One MATH/COMP/STATS course     3.0 – 4.0
    Total Credits     32.0 - 33.0
    Year 2
    Course                                             Credits

    FREN 212     Oral and Written Practice 1     3.0
    FREN 214     Oral and Written Practice 2     3.0
    FREN 220     French Literature Pre-1800     3.0
    FREN 221     French Literature Since 1800     3.0
    One Lab Science course     3.0
    Two 2nd year University Transfer Arts courses     6.0
    Three electives*     9.0 – 11.0
    Total Credits     30.0 – 32.0
    *Recommended Elective Options     
    ART 180     Modern Art History     3.0
    FREN 112     Intensive Oral French 1 recommended     4.0
    FREN 114     Intensive Oral French 2 recommended     4.0
    GEOG 100     Ecosystems and Human Activity     3.0
    GEOG 102     Human Geography     3.0
    HIST 110     Canada Before Confederation     3.0
    HIST 112     Canada After Confederation     3.0
    HIST 120     Europe from 1500-1789     3.0
    HIST 122     Europe: 1789 to Present     3.0
    PSC 210     Political Thought     3.0
    PSYC 154     Interpersonal Relations     3.0
    PSYC 257     Intercultural Communication     3.0

    Internship Options                          Credits
    COOP WEP     Workplace Education     0.0
    ASDG 101     Co-operative Work Experience 1 (Internship 1)     6.0
    Total Credits
    Coop Options                                   Credits
    COOP WEP     Workplace Education     0.0
    ASDG 101     Co-operative Work Experience 1 (Internship 1)     6.0
    ASDG 201     Co-operative Work Experience 2 (Internship 2)     6.0
    Total Credits

    All programs contain a blend of Arts and Science courses so as to support the concept of a broad education. All courses need to be transferable to at least one BC university. In the course description this indicated by (T).

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