Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology

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  • Objectives
    This three-year advanced diploma program prepares graduates for career paths in the electrical, communications, manufacturing, electrical utilities, and protection fields. Students acquire basic fundamentals during the first two levels. During the third and fourth levels, students develop the skills required by many of the more sophisticated areas of these industries. Levels five and six prepare the student for the design of equipment, processes or systems, to interpret and prepare specifications, technical drawings or instructions; prepare estimates and manage projects. This is reinforced by the requirement to complete a design or analysis project under the guidance of a faculty advisor. The program includes core courses in electrical principles, codes, circuitry, control systems, computer applications and machinery. Students also study telecommunications, electronics, instrumentation, and robotics. Students are required to take general education courses in most levels.
  • Entry requirements
    This program will appeal to students who enjoy the challenge of solving problems. The problems range from how to connect and troubleshoot circuits, to the analysis, synthesis and design of electrical and electronic systems. Students are taught to apply practical experience, knowledge, mathematics and computer skills, find and evaluate solutions. The program includes a strong practical component. Lectures typically introduce a new area of study and are immediately followed by practical experiments to further strengthen the knowledge base.
  • Academic title
    Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Course description

    Level 1

    DAT8942 Computer Applications – Electrical

    ELE8909 Fundamental Electrical Principles

    ELE8913 Codes and Regulations

    ELE8919 Achieving Success in the 21st Century

    ENL1813T Communications I

    MAT8100 Essential Mathematics

    Level 2

    DAT8921 Introduction to Programming

    ELE8921 Electromagnetic Control

    ELE8923 Electrical Machinery

    ELE8924 Ac Circuits

    ELE8929 Electronics – I

    PHY8201 Physics of the Environment

    Level 3

    ELE8930 Electronics – II

    ELE8932 Programmable Controllers

    ELE8944 Building Electrical Systems with AutoCAD

    MAT8101 Differential Calculus

    Choose one from equivalencies:

    GED0318 General Education Elective

    Level 4

    ELE8931 Instrumentation

    ELE8940 Industrial Telecommunications

    ELE8941 Robotics and Controls

    ENL1819T Reporting Technical Information

    MAT8102 Integral Calculus

    Core Electives: choose 1

    ELE8945 Distributed Electrical Systems

    ELE8946 Fire Alarm Systems

    Level 5

    CAM8302E Microcomputer Interfacing

    ELE8956 Electrical Equipment Design

    ELE8957 Workplace Success Strategies

    MAT8103 Ordinary Differential Equations

    Elective: choose 1

    ELE8958 Power Monitoring and Measurement

    ROB8305E Pneumatics/Hydraulics/Automation

    Choose one from equivalencies:

    GED0318 General Education Elective

    Level 6

    DAT8933 Advanced Computer Applications

    ELE8961 Project - Construction and Reporting

    ELE8966 Electrical Distribution Design

    ENG8344E Control Systems

    Elective: choose 1

    ELE8965 Microcontroller Applications

    ELE8967 Electrical Distribution Equipment

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