Leading the way, reaching people and communities through the power of learning.


     To provide access to learning experiences and information that enable people and communities to meet the realities of today and create opportunities for tomorrow.

To achieve this

      We serve learners by using our strengths and expertise to create student-focused programs and facilitate access to programs developed by others.

      We support communities and people by providing learning experiences that help them to develop and adapt to change.

We support our colleagues with cooperation, teamwork, encouragement, and mutual respect.

We provide collaborative, innovative leadership in creating and ensuring learning opportunities.


      We believe living is learning, and everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Access to knowledge and information is vital to health, growth, and development for individuals and communities.

      We believe our plans and programs should be community based. We involve communities and community based groups in the college, and we provide support to them through community development and the use of community resources. Our activities are focused on the needs of the learners and the clients we serve. We seek partnerships and collaboration, and we practice decision-making that is open, honest, participative, and inclusive.

      We place a high value on flexibility and innovation. Our programs and services are responsive to the changing needs of communities and individuals. We welcome change as opportunity, and we act as agents of positive change that reflects our vision, values and mission.

     We place a high value on a positive and professional environment. Our everyday attitudes and behaviors reflect enthusiasm towards learning and work, a sense of humour in the face of challenges, and enjoyment in the company of colleagues and those we serve. We are committed to professional development.

     We respect people. We appreciate diversity and encourage tolerance. We recognize individual contributions. We treat people fairly and equitably.

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