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Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Profile

      The Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning is one of Canada's premier polytechnic institutes and is dedicated to exceptional applied learning and graduate success. We are a leader in providing skills-based educational programming that integrates theory with application, preparing students for careers in visual and performing arts, business, community services and technical fields. Sheridan serves close to 15,000 full-time students annually at its campuses in Oakville and Brampton, Ontario.

      Program options include a wide range of programs and credentials including pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training, one-year certificate and graduate certificates, two- and three-year diplomas, and Bachelor's degrees in applied areas of study. We also offer a number of collaborative degree programs through partnerships with the University of Toronto at Mississauga, York University and Brock University.

      Sheridan prides itself on a reputation for leadership in the field of digital media studies. We are also a pioneer in the integration of mobile computing technology into the teaching/learning experience, providing the most extensive use of laptop computers in academic programs among Canadian postsecondary institutions. Through innovative partnerships with the public and private sectors, we have launched several unique training and research centres: the Visualization Design Institute, Sheridan Elder Research Centre, Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies, and High/Scope Teacher Education Centre.

      Our diverse array of part-time study options attract over 34,000 Continuing Education learners annually. Sheridan also provides customized corporate training to our business clients, both locally and internationally.

Sheridan Fast Facts


      Founded in 1967, Sheridan has grown from a locally-based college of 400 students to a dynamic and innovative institution with over 14, 000 full-time and 35,000 continuing education students. Today, Sheridan attracts students from across Canada and around the world, and is nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in business, digital media and communications, performing arts, visual arts and design, applied computing and telecommunications, engineering and manufacturing sciences, and community service studies.


Animation, Arts & Design : 3,300 students
Business: 4,300
Community and Liberal Studies: 2,500
Applied Computing and Engineering Sciences: 3,900
Continuing Education and Corporate Training: 35, 000

Sheridan offers:

6 college certificate programs
54 diploma and advanced diploma programs
4 applied bachelor's degrees
4 collaborative (with universities) degrees
21 graduate certificate programs

Oakville: Trafalgar Road Campus and Skills Training Centre
Brampton: William G. Davis Campus


      Centre for Advanced Manufacturing & Design Technologies Opened in the fall of 2005, the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing & Design Technologies(CAMDT) results from a unique tripartite collaboration between Sheridan, provincial andmunicipal governments, and industry. CAMDT will help meet the growing demand in the manufacturing sector for graduates with a broad array of advanced technical and management skills, as well as provide enhanced training to those already in the workforce.

      Sheridan High/Scope Teacher Education Centre The Sheridan High/Scope Teacher Education Centre provides training in the High/Scope approach to practicing early childhood educators, as well as Sheridan’s own ECE students. The new Centre results from a partnership with the Region of Peel, which operates a certified
High/Scope child care centre in a new facility shared with the Teacher Education Centre at Sheridan's Davis Campus.


      Premier’s Awards First introduced by the Premier of Ontario in 1992 to honour the important social and economic contributions made by college graduates to the province. Since then, Sheridan has won more (11 in total) Premier’s Awards than any other Ontario college.

Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC)

      Awards of ExcellenceThe ACCC runs an annual awards program recognizing excellence in teaching, administrative leadership, student leadership, programming and staffing. Sheridan faculty, staff and students have received more ACCC national awards of excellence than any other college in Canada.

International Recognition

      Each year, Sheridan students, faculty and alumni distinguish themselves through a diverse array of awards programs. Sheridan graduates include Academy Award nominees (three) and winners (two), and an Emmy Award winner. In 2005, animation professor Kaj Pindal won an Emmy Award. Sheridan film students have picked up awards at festivals around the world.

Courses and Masters at this school

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