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  •  Manitoba’s largest institute of Applied Learning
  •   More than 32,000 enrolments
  •  More than 110 full-time programs
  •  Eight campuses in Manitoba
  •  Continuing and Distance Education
  •  State-of-the-art equipment and facilities
  •   Instructors with industrial expertise
  •  96.1% graduate employment rate
  •  92.6% graduate satisfaction rate

     Red River College never stops growing. In size: new facilities and technology are introduced constantly. In numbers: enrolment is increasing every year.  And, in reputation: our students continually excel in their jobs after graduation.
      At RRC, we take pride in our students’ achievements because they’re the reason we’re here. Our goal is to provide the highest quality education availableleading our learners straight to employment. We strive to keep our curriculum on the cutting edge through partnerships with industry and by using state-of-the-art equipment.

      Our aim is to steadily meet and exceed the job market’s evolving requirements. That’s why we employ a committed staff and faculty dedicated to ensuring each student is armed with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to succeed in today’s multi-skilled workforce.

Vision and Mission

      The College has a future-focused vision - Red River College is the leader in applied learning and innovation.

      The mission of RRC is to enable students to build a career, enhance quality of life, and contribute to Manitoba’s economic and social prosperity through exceptional applied education and research.

Student Life

      You’ll be spending a lot of time at the College,so we want it to be as comfortable as possible. That’s why both our main campuses offer a full range of services. Almost anything you need is within walking distance of your classroom.


      Campus dining is designed to satisfy all appetites, tastes and dietary requirements. The Notre Dame Campus features several dining options, including three – Prairie Lights Restaurant, Hard Drive Café and Voyageur Dining Room – that are staffed by students from our award-winning culinary arts program. You won’t find a less expensive gourmet meal in town. Snacks and sandwiches are available at kiosks throughout the Campus, including Tim Hortons coffee and baked goods.

    At the Princess Street Campus, you can satisfy your caffeine and cruller cravings all day at our full-service Tim Hortons restaurant, or check out the selection of pizza and other goodies at the snack kiosk.The PSC is also surrounded by some of Winnipeg’s best cafés, ethnic restaurants and street vendors.

Fitness and Recreation

      Whether you’re getting pumped up for an exam, working off some excess energy, or building a hard body, RRC offers fitness facilities at both the Notre Dame and Princess Street campuses.

     Cardio and weight equipment and shower facilities are available to students and alumni with a valid card. If you don’t feel like pumping iron, then take in a cardio or yoga class, or hit the playing fields and running paths surrounding the NDC.


      RRC’s libraries offer everything you need for optimum studying. Current students and alumni have access to our entire catalogue of books, online databases, and computer labs. A reciprocal offer with the U of Manitoba and U of Winnipeg means students can also access all materials from both of those schools. Media services are available at RRC, offering 2,000 pieces of audiovisual equipment and 5,000 audiovisual titles.

Student Parking

      Students, staff and visitors attending Red River College and requiring parking between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday to Friday must purchase a monthly/annual parking permit, or an hourly/daily pass at one of the dispensers indicated on the map.

Parking is free on weekends, holidays, and weekdays after 6:00 pm.

      Student parking for the Notre Dame and HETC Campuses  is sold on a first-come, first-served basis at the Student Service Centres , Notre Dame Campus Room D101 and Princess Street Campus Room P104.

      Depending on the availability, students have the choice of power or non-power parking. Parking is assigned by area in student designated lots on a scramble basis.


Light chat…deep discussions…friendly ears. Our chaplains are available three days a week to talk about anything and everything. Spiritual or secular, they’re always willing to listen.

Students’ Association Activities

      Pizza Wednesdays…Hockey Night at RRC…Keggers…Nooners…the Students’ Association helps make College life a little more interesting and a lot more exciting! Whether it’s discounted tickets to Manitoba Moose hockey games or Spring Break ski trips, the SA does the organizing. You just show up and have fun.

Health Services

      Our Health Services Centres are staffed by professional nurses who can respond to emergency medical situations, provide healthy lifestyle counselling and help you avoid illness or get back on your feet (and into class) as soon as possible.

Safety & Security

      We take a proactive approach to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all. RRC’s Security Services provides 24-hour on campus patrols, Safewalk escorts for students walking alone at night, emergency call boxes located throughout campus, and safety education.

Student Support Services

      Getting started on your future can be exciting, but it’s also a very busy time. Don’t worry. RRC is committed to your academic and personal success. That’s why we provide valuable support services to assist you in working through concerns that might impact your success at the College.

Courses and Masters at this school

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