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     NorQuest College is one of the most diverse college communities in Canada. Based in the heart of downtown Edmonton, NorQuest offers diplomas and certificates in health, human services, business, and industry careers. The College has particular expertise in adult academic preparation, English as a second language, literacy education, and learner supports for students with disabilities.

      NorQuest leads the province in providing access to post-secondary education for adult learners with a wide range of social, cultural, economic, and educational experiences.

      With four campuses, regional learning sites, and our virtual campus, NorQuest serves over 10,000 students annually through full-time, part-time, and distance programs. NorQuest reaches over 200 Alberta communities with its diverse delivery modes.

      We have the largest Practical Nurse and Health Care Aide programs in Canada; the largest English language and intercultural education enrolment in Edmonton, and the highest enrolments in Alberta for Academic Upgrading and Employment Preparation programs.


      NorQuest College is nationally recognized as an innovative, vibrant college with a uniquely inclusive and supportive environment that inspires
  • passion for learning
  • education that empowers every learner
  • excellence and leadership in the work we do
  • commitment to strengthening communities


NorQuest College builds foundations for success in further education and in the workplace.


      NorQuest College is a board-governed public college operating under the authority of the Post-Secondary Learning Act.

      NorQuest provides high quality learning opportunities to prepare graduates for careers in business, industry, services and health care. The College also has particular expertise in academic upgrading, adult literacy and English as a second language education. Credentials granted by the College include certificates, diplomas and applied degrees.

      NorQuest offers unique educational opportunities in a supportive environment in which learners from diverse cultural, educational and social backgrounds can achieve their personal and career goals, and enhance the quality of their lives. The College provides flexible alternatives such as career laddering, recognition of prior learning, part-time career study and distance education.

      NorQuest programming is sensitive to the cultural experience of Aboriginal students and students for whom English is a second language. The College is a leader in meeting the needs of learners with disabilities.

      NorQuest delivers educational opportunities to people where they live and work. The College provides student access through its main campus in Edmonton and a network of campuses and learning sites in Alberta communities. It offers innovative distance education alternatives for students across Alberta, throughout Canada and around the world. Programs are also customized to meet specific needs in communities and workplaces.

      NorQuest is committed to enhancing teaching and learning through applied research. The College also strengthens its ability to meet the needs of its students through partnerships with public and private education service providers, government departments, community agencies and employers.

      NorQuest contributes to a strong Alberta economy by helping to develop the skilled workforce that both public and private sector employers require. Graduates of NorQuest College are sought by employers for their knowledge and skills.

NorQuest College Values

We value people. We
  • treat people with fairness and respect
  • encourage participation and involvement
  • recognize commitment and contribution
  • promote the health and wellness of the individual
  • celebrate and build upon diversity of our students and employees
  • celebrate achievement and growth
  • empower individuals to fulfill their roles and responsibilities
  • provide a safe, supportive and healthy environment

We value learning. We
  • encourage individual growth and development
  • foster creativity, innovation and critical thought
  • encourage risk taking
  • promote life-long learning
  • provide accessible and responsive programs and services
  • provide an enabling and inspiring learning environment

We value our role in the learning system. We
  • celebrate our accomplishments
  • tell our special story at every opportunity
  • share our expertise with others
  • participate in community activities
  • demonstrate accountability for our outcomes
  • believe our programming areas and student supports provide a foundation for success

We value the quality of the processes we use in reaching our goals. We
  • follow fair process in accomplishing our objectives
  • promote teamwork, cooperation and sharing throughout the College
  • develop stronger relationships with business, community, and other educational partners
  • engage people in changes that affect them
  • employ team problem-solving
  • provide consistent and clear performance expectations
  • measure results and demonstrate accountability for outcomes
  • ensure effective communication throughout the College



·          FACTS

·          1. Student population: 71% female29% male

·          2. Average age of student population: 19 to 24 – 35% 25 to 40 – 49%Over 40 – 16%

·          3. Nearly 16% of NorQuest College students are of Aboriginal ancestry.

·          4. 60% of NorQuest students are born outside of Canada, representing 125 countries.

·          5. 36% of students list English as their first language. Chinese, Somali, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, French, Russian, Tagalog are listed next (41%) and 74 additional languages are spoken by 23% of the student population.

Courses and Masters at this school

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