Police Foundations Ontario College Diploma

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  • Objectives
    The two-year Police Foundations Program provides students with the skills and knowledge to pursue entry-level policing positions. This pre-employment training is designed to give potential police candidates a broad education in the theory of human relations combined police-related academic and applied knowledge of the law; police powers; community policing; lifestyle management; and investigations.

    The program responds to the need for graduates to have a broad focus on the Canadian Justice System. Successful completion of the program will have prepared graduates to compete within the Ontario Constable Selection System for employment in public law enforcement or other related careers.
  • Academic title
    Police Foundations Ontario College Diploma
  • Course description
    First Semester
    Course Number / Title     Credits

    CS021*     Communication Fundamentals I     3
    MC 155     Microsoft Office 2007 Applications     3
    PF 001     Canadian Criminal Justice Systems     3
    PF 006     Principles of Ethical Reasoning     3
    PF 007     Human Diversity/First Nations People     3
    PF 008     Fitness and Lifestyle Management I     1
    PY 199     Introductory Psychology     3
    SY 125     Sociology of Community Life     3
    Total    22

    Second Semester
    Course Number / Title     Credits

    CS 031*     Communication Fundamentals II or  General Education Elective     3
    PF 201     Criminology     3
    PF 202     Interpersonal and Group Dynamics     3
    PF 204     Communications II     3
    PF 205     Public Administration     3
    PF 206     Community and Social Services     3
    PF 208     Fitness and Lifestyle Management II     1
    Total    19

    Third Semester
    Course Number / Title     Credits

    PF 301     Criminal and Civil Law     3
    PF 302     Criminal Code     3
    PF 303     Police Powers I     3
    PF 304     Interviewing & Investigation     3
    PF 305     Youth in Conflict with the Law     3
    PF 306     Community Policing I     3
    PF 307     Traffic Management I     1
    PF 308     Fitness & Lifestyle Management III     1
    Total    20

    Fourth Semester
    Course Number / Title     Credits

    PF 401     Provincial Offences     3
    PF 402     Criminal Code and Federal Statutes     3
    PF 403     Police Powers II               3
    PF 404     Evidence and Investigation     3
    PF 405     Conflict Management     3
    PF 406     Community Policing II     3
    PF 407     Traffic Management II     2
    PF 408     Fitness & Lifestyle Management IV     1
    Total    21

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