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Office Administration Certificate

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  • Objectives
    This program provides you with the practical skills and knowledge to take on a wide range of responsibilities related to office work. Learn software applications, keyboarding, administrative procedures, information administration, and communications, as well as a range of interpersonal skills that make you an effective and skilled member of any office environment.
  • Practical experience
    This program includes a 4-week work experience course.
  • Academic Title
    Office Administration Certificate
  • Course description
    Course Descriptions

    Business Communications I

    Learn the importance of correct and current business English as well as other communication essentials for the office environment.

    Business Communications II
    Prerequisite: Business Communication I
    This course focuses on enhancing your writing strategies and skills by editing and composing a variety of relevant emails, memos, and letters.

    Career Skills Evaluation
    This final course in the college success series helps you assess your employment skills and design a professional development plan as you prepare to transition from college to the workplace.

    College Success Skills
    Enhance and strengthen your skills for success for college and career. Emphasis is on personal management, study skills, and critical thinking.

    Computers in the Workplace
    This course provides an insightful guide to the full potential of computers in the workplace.

    Document Processing II
    Combine keyboarding, computer applications, formatting and communications skills in the production of reports, tables and advanced letters from printed, handwritten and electronic sources.

    Document Processing III
    Prerequisite: Document Processing II Combine keyboarding, computer applications, formatting and communications skills in the production of a variety of advanced business documents.

    Human Resource Fundamentals
    Learn the techniques and activities associated in acquiring, developing, and maintaining an effective work force.

    Integrated Projects
    In this applied course you manipulate and integrate Microsoft Office applications by working through a business project.

    Internet Explorer
    Learn the basic functions and capabilities of the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 Web Browser.

    Interpersonal and Organizational Skills
    This course prepares you for entry into the contemporary Canadian office setting. Manual filing techniques are also covered.

    Introduction to e-Portfolio
    This course introduces you to e-portfolio philosophy and software. Create and maintain an e-portfolio that emphasizes your personal, educational, and career goals.

    Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
    This course introduces behaviour of groups and individual, leadership, and organizational structures.

    Introduction to Project Management
    Learn about the basic techniques of project management in the workplace.

    Keyboarding and Document Processing I
    Learn the alphabetic and numeric keys by touch using proper techniques and learn how to format simple business letters and memos.

    Manual Accounting
    Examine the basics of budgeting, including cash flow planning, and learn to keep complete records for a small business in this class.

    Microsoft Word
    Learn the basic functions and capabilities of Microsoft Word 2003.

    Management Studies in Supervision
    Through a practical approach, this course investigates the various techniques and issues associated with supervision.

    Microsoft Access
    Learn the basic functions and capabilities of Microsoft Access 2003.

    Microsoft Excel
    Learn the basic and intermediate functions and capabilities of Microsoft Excel 2003.

    Microsoft Outlook
    Learn to use the various time management and communication tools available through Microsoft Outlook.

    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Learn the basic and intermediate functions and capabilities of Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.

    Office Services

    Review the common equipment and services found in today’s business offices.

    Planning Meetings and Conferences
    Learn how to plan and organize workplace-specific meetings and conferences.

    Preparation for the Workplace

    This course prepares you to enter the workplace by identifying essential skills and attributes needed in a business office. Develop an effective cover letter and résumé, and practise interviewing other job search techniques.

    Understanding the Oil and Gas Sector
    Learn the basics of the oil and gas industry and its language.

    Work Experience for Office Administration

    Put your skills and knowledge to work in a four week full-time practicum in a local company or organization.

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