Master of Science in Statistics

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  • Academic title
    Master of Science in Statistics
  • Course description
    1.     At least three full-credit classes, not including the Statistical Consulting class, at the graduate level to be chosen in consultation with the graduate coordinator or their supervisor. In addition, students whose preparation is deficient will be required to complete appropriate classes which will be designated by the adviser.
    2.     Attendance and participation in seminars.
    3.     A satisfactory thesis.
    4.     Students are required to give an oral presentation of their thesis and at that time to answer questions about the thesis. This presentation will be made after the thesis is in the hands of the student's committee and will be taken into account when the committee makes it's decision.
    5.     Fifty hours consulting or completion of Statistical Consulting class. This requirement will be waived for students who have completed a Statistical Consulting class.
    • STAT 5066.03/4066.03: Advanced Statistical Theory I.
    • STAT 5067.03: Advanced Statistical Theory II.
    • STAT 5070.03/4070.03: Multivariate Distributions.
    • STAT 5090.03/4090.03: Probability.
    • STAT 5100.03/4100.03: Survival Analysis.
    • STAT 5300.03/4300.03: Topics in Statistics and Probability.
    • STAT 5350.03/4350.03: Applied Multivariate Analysis.
    • STAT 5360.03/4360.03: Robust Statistics.
    • STAT 5370.03/4370.03: Stochastic Process.
    • STAT 5390.03/4390.03: Time Series Analysis I.
    • STAT 5410.03/4410.03: Advanced Topics in Time Series Analysis.
    • STAT 5500.03: Topics in Advanced Statistics.
    • STAT 5550.03: Longitudinal Data Analysis.
    • STAT 5570.03/4570.03: Statistical Genetics.
    • STAT 5620.03/4620.03: Data Analysis.
    • STAT 5630.03: Statistical Methods in Molecular Evolution.
    • STAT 5640.03: Advanced Analysis of Complex Survey Data.
    • STAT 5990.03: Intermediate Statistics for Health Sciences.

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