Master of Science in Psychology/Neuroscience

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  • Objectives
    The graduate programs in Psychology/Neuroscience are coordinated by the Psychology Department and an interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program Committee with representation from the Departments of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Physiology and Biophysics, and Psychology. They are also designed as "apprenticeship" programs in which students work closely with a Neuroscience faculty member who has agreed to supervise their research. Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary research, scholarship and independent thinking rather than on class work.
  • Academic title
    Master of Science in Psychology/Neuroscience
  • Course description
    In addition to the Master's thesis (PSYO 9000.00), which is the major requirement of this program, the Master's student must complete the following classes:
    •     NESC 6100X/Y.06: Principles of Neuroscience
    •     PSYO 7500X/Y.06: Proseminar: Methods of Psychological Inquiry
    •     Students are expected to take at least 1/2 credit of class work in the quantitative/analytical area

    List of courses:

    • PSYO 5000X/Y.06: Research Assignment.
    • PSYO 5001.03/5002.03: Independent Study.
    • PSYO 6001.03: Fundamentals of Statistics and Experimental Design.
    • PSYO 6003.03: Multivariate Methods.
    • PSYO 6051.03: Neural Basis of Perception.
    • PSYO 6060.03: Biological Basis of Mental Illness.
    • PSYO 6071.03: Topics in Behavioural Neuroscience.
    • PSYO 6081.03: Topics in Personality and Social Psychology.
    • PSYO 6091.03: Topics in Child Development.
    • PSYO 6101.03: Computers and Instrumentation in Psychology Experiments.
    • PSYO 6102.03: Psychological Assessment: Child.
    • PSYO 6103.03: Psychological Assessment: Adult.
    • PSYO 6105.03: Ethics and Professional Decision Making.
    • PSYO 6160.03: Comparative Psychology.
    • PSYO 6206.03: Interviewing and Intervention: Child.
    • PSYO 6208.03: Clinical Neuropsychology.
    • PSYO 6209.03: Research Seminar.
    • PSYO 6216.03: Psychopathology and Treatment: Child.
    • PSYO 6217.03: Psychopathology and Treatment: Adult.
    • PSYO 6240.03: Topics in Animal Learning.
    • PSYO 6301.03: Advanced Clinical Intervention: Child.
    • PSYO 6302.03: Advanced Clinical Intervention: Adult.
    • PSYO 6304X/Y.06: Clinical Rounds/Case Conference.
    • PSYO 6313.03: Topics in Cognitive Psychology.
    • PSYO 6581.03: History of Psychology I.
    • PSYO 6582.03: History of Psuchology II.
    • PSYO 6803.03: Topics in Psychopathology.
    • PSYO 6804.03: Topics in Neuropsychology.
    • PSYO 6805.03: Topics in Assessments.
    • PSYO 6806.03: Topics in Psychopharmacology.
    • PSYO 6807.03: Topics in Forensic Psychology.
    • PSYO 6808.03: Topics in Therapeutic Intervention.
    • PSYO 6809.03: Topics in Health Psychology.
    • PSYO 6820.03: Topics in Community Psychology.
    • PSYO 7100.03: Seminar in Teaching Effectiveness.
    • PSYO 7500X/Y.06: Proseminar: Methods of Psychological Inquiry.
    • PSYO 8000X/Y.06: Psychology Colloquium.
    • PSYO 8333X/Y.06: Field Placements.
    • PSYO 9000.00: MSc Thesis.

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