Master of Science in Earth Sciences

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  • Academic title
    Master of Science in Earth Sciences
  • Course description

    A. Required Graduate Classes

    • ERTH 6300.03: Research Design and Scientific Presentation.
    • ERTH 6350.03: Research Topics in Earth Sciences.
    • ERTH 9000.00: MSc Thesis.

    B. Other Graduate Classes
    The following classes are designed specifically for graduate students. They are offered when required, and their content is designed to suit the interests of individual students.

    • ERTH 6100.03: Seminar in Sedimentology and Stratigraphy.
    • ERTH 6110.03: Research Topics in Micropaleontology.
    • ERTH 6120.03: /6220.03: Seminar in Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry.
    • ERTH 6250.03: Directed Studies.
    • ERTH 6400.03: Geochronology and Thermochronology.
    • ERTH 6500.03: Graduate Seminar in Tectonics.

    C. Cross-Listed Graduate/Undergraduate Classes

    • ERTH 5141.03: Applied Geology, Mineralogy and Geochemistry.
    • ERTH 5151.03: Mineral Deposits.
    • ERTH 5270.03: Applied Geophysics.
    • ERTH 5280.03: Marine Geophysics.
    • ERTH 5350.03: Tectonics.
    • ERTH 5380.03: Advanced Geochemistry.
    • ERTH 5400.03: Advanced Metamorphic Petrology.
    • ERTH 5450.03: Introduction to Landscape Simulation.
    • ERTH 5470.03: Introduction to Seismic Imaging.
    • ERTH 5480.03: Advanced Seismic Imaging.
    • ERTH 5502.03: Micropaleontology and Global Change.
    • ERTH 5520.03: GIS Applications to Environmental and Geological Sciences.
    • ERTH 5530.03: Environmental Remote Sensing.
    • ERTH 5600.03: Exploring Geographic Information Systems.


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