Master of Health Administration

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  • Objectives
    The School of Health Administration offers a Master of Health Administration degree which meets the needs of those pursuing administrative careers in the Canadian health care delivery system. The program is designed to prepare individuals for careers in hospital administration, nursing administration, long term care administration, public and community health administration and administration in municipal, provincial and federal governments in health and health-related areas. There are employment opportunities for individuals with an MHA in policy, planning, evaluation, administration and research. The program seeks to provide a conceptual background for the increasingly complex managerial tasks that need to be performed in health institutions and health related governmental departments. Every effort is made to balance political, social, economic, cultural, medical and ethical approaches to understanding the health care delivery system with those of the management sciences. The emphasis in the program is on an academic, multidisciplinary and professional education. It is academic in that it emphasizes knowledge of current research findings and treats the practice of health administration as phenomena subject to social scientific analysis. It is multidisciplinary in that faculty are drawn from traditional social and administrative sciences. It is a professional program in the sense that it will attempt to broaden the social perspectives of the student emphasizing that a professional has a social responsibility to society and must have an appreciation of the ethical standards appropriate to a career in health administration.
  • Academic title
    Master of Health Administration
  • Course description

    Required Classes

    • HESA 5300.03: Introduction to the Canadian Health System.
    • HESA 5315.03: Managing Change in Health Systems.
    • HESA 5320.03: Managerial Epidemiology.
    • HESA 5330.03: Management and Design of Health Care Organizations.
    • HESA 5335.03: Information Systems in Health Administration.
    • HESA 5339.03: Introduction to Health Care Economics for Health Administration.
    • HESA 5340.03: Economic Evaluation and Policy Issues for Health Administration.
    • HESA 5345.03: Financial Accounting, Governance and Management Control in Health Care.
    • HESA 5350.03: Management Control and Funding Systems in Health Care.
    • HESA 6100.03: Ethics and Decision-Making in Health Administration.
    • HESA 6305.03: Analyzing the Outcomes of Health Care.
    • HESA 6310.03: Health Care Policy.
    • HESA 6330.03: Strategic Planning in Health Care.
    • HESA 6340.03: Human Resources in Health Care.
    • HESA 6360.03: Health Care Law.
    • HESA 6365.03: Quality Management.
    • HESA 6380.03: Senior Seminar.
    • HESA 6390X/Y.06: Health Administration Residency.
    • HESA 6500.03: Intermediate Statistics for Health Sciences.

    Elective Classes
    Students choose 1 credit elective from the following, or other Faculties, pending approval of Graduate Coordinator.

    • HESA 6000.03: Nursing Administration and Leadership.
    • HESA 6200.03: International Health Care Management.
    • HESA 6325.03: Continuing Care Administration.
    • HESA 6341.03: Management Union Relations.
    • HESA 6370.03: International Comparative Funding and Insurance Systems.
    • HESA 6394.03: Directed Project.
    • HESA 6395.03: Directed Reading.

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