Master of Arts in Political Science

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  • Academic title
    Master of Arts in Political Science
  • Course description
     A. Canadian Government and Politics

    Core Graduate Seminar:

    • POLI 5204X/Y.06: Advanced Seminar in Canadian Politics.
    Cross-listed Classes:
    • POLI 5205.03: Canadian Political Thought.
    • POLI 5206.03: Constitutional Issues in Canadian Politics.
    • POLI 5220.03: Intergovernmental Relations.
    • POLI 5224.03: Canadian Political Parties.
    • POLI 5228.03: Interest Groups: Function and Management.
    • POLI 5231.03: Urban Governance in Canada.
    • POLI 5233.03: Canadian Political Economy.
    • POLI 5235.03: Regional Political Economy in Canada.
    • POLI 5240.03: Introduction to Public Policy.
    • POLI 5241.03: Introduction to Policy Analysis.
    B. Comparative Politics

    Core Graduate Seminars:

    • POLI 5301.03: Comparative Theory.
    • POLI 5340.03: Approaches to Development.
    Cross-listed Classes:
    • POLI 5302.03: Comparative Development Administration.
    • POLI 5303.03: Human Rights and Politics.
    • POLI 5304.03: Comparative Federalism.
    • POLI 5315.03: African Politics.
    • POLI 5322.03: The EU as a Global factor.
    • POLI 5323.03: Treaty Reforms in the EU.
    • POLI 5325.06: European Politics.
    • POLI 5345.03: Politics of Southern Africa.
    • POLI 5350.03: Governance and Globalization.
    • POLI 5360.03: Politics in Latin America.
    • POLI 5379.06: U.S. Constitution, Government, and Politics.
    C. Political Theory and Methodology

    Core Graduate Seminar:

    • POLI 5401.03: Contemporary Political Thought.
    • POLI 5475.03: Democratic Theory.
    • POLI 5479.03: Classical Liberalism and Democracy.
    D. International Relations & Foreign Policy

    Core Graduate Seminar:

    • POLI 5520X/Y.06: Theories of International Relations.
    Cross-listed Classes:
    • POLI 5560.03: Human Development/Security at the Start of the Twenty-first Century.
    • POLI 5569.03: Canadian Foreign Policy.
    • POLI 5571X/Y.06: Strategy and Canadian Defense Policy.
    • POLI 5574.03: American Foreign Policy.
    • POLI 5577.03: Civil-Military Relations in Contemporary Western Society.
    • POLI 5581.03: Diplomacy and Negotiation.
    • POLI 5587.03: International Political Economy.
    • POLI 5656.03: Oil, Natural Gas and Government: The Political Economy of Regulation.
    E. Directed Reading Classes
    Graduate students taking directed reading classes register under one of the following designations, depending on whether the class extends for the first term, the second term, or the full academic year:
    • POLI 5601.06: Readings in Political Science.
    • POLI 5602.03: Readings in Political Science.
    • POLI 5603.03: Readings in Political Science.
    F. Thesis
    Students register for the thesis under the appropriate designation, as follows:
    • POLI 9000.00: MA Thesis.

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