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Heatlh Sciences Post Diploma
Method: At the institution
Type: Diploma
Course Fee: By Request
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Heatlh Sciences Post Diploma - Halifax - Nova Scotia

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Heatlh Sciences Post Diploma - Halifax - Nova Scotia Heatlh Sciences Post Diploma - Halifax - Nova Scotia
The School of Health Sciences offers a post diploma program leading to a Bachelor of Health Science in any of: Diagnostic Cytology, Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound, Medical Laboratory Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Radiological Technology and Respiratory Therapy. Through a guided selection process, students will choose courses that contribute to their professional growth and interest. Students will be provided the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and scope of the Canadian health care system as well as to enhance leadership abilities and to equip themselves for participation in a rapidly changing health care environment.
Entry Requirements:
The program has been developed to meet the needs of practicing technologists, sonographers and therapists who have expressed an interest in the opportunity to complete a baccalaureate degree as a means of pursuing life long learning and increasing career opportunities.
Health Sciences Post Diploma
Course Description:
 Required Courses (30 credit hours)
•     STAT 1060.03: Introductory Statistics for Science and Health Sciences
•     HSCE 1000.03: Introduction to Health Professional Practice
•     HSCE 2000.03: Health Care Ethics
•     HSCE 3000.03: Culture, Diversity and Health
•     HSCE 3010.03: Introduction to Research Methods
•     HSCE 4030.03: Leadership in Healthcare
•     HESA 4000.03: Canadian Health Care Delivery
•     HSCE 4200.03: Foundations in Clinical and Professional Education
•     HLTH 4040.03: Health Law for Non-Lawyers
•     HSCE 4220.03: Critical Research Evaluation
•     Electives (30 credit hours)

Students may choose electives from the Pre-Approved list but are not limited to this list.
  • HSCE 1000.03: Foundations of Health Care Practice.
  • HSCE 1010.03: Clinical Skills for Health Sciences.
  • HSCE 1020.03: Human Anatomy and Physiology I .
  • HSCE 1030.03: Human Anatomy and Physiology II.
  • HSCE 2000.03: Health Care Ethics.
  • HSCE 2010.03: Digital Imaging.
  • HSCE 2020.03: Radiation Physics.
  • HSCE 2030.03: Radiation Biology and Protection.
  • HSCE 2040.03: Pathophysiology for Health Sciences.
  • HSCE 3000.03: Culture, Diversity and Health.
  • HSCE 3010.03: Introduction to Health Research.
  • HSCE 3600.01: Clinical Elective.
  • HSCE 4030.03: Leadership in Health Care.
  • HSCE 4040.03: Independent Study.
  • HSCE 4200.03: Foundations in Clinical & Professional Education.
  • HSCE 4220.03: Critical Research Appraisal and Practices.
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