Game Development - Advanced Programming Ontario College Graduate Certificate

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  • Objectives
    Game Development - Advanced Programming provides the specialized skills and knowledge that a programmer would need to enter the rapidly growing industries of entertainment or educational game development or the emerging 'serious games' industry of training and simulation software. Students will receive an in-depth study of what programmers on project technical teams do: graphic effects, animation systems, artificial intelligence, physical modelling, sound, and scripting systems. Custom game engine and game components will be created, combined with the use, configuration, and customization of current commercial game engines and components. Other aspects, such as game models, simulation, performance and configuration of both single-player and multi-player games will be explored and implemented.
  • Academic title
    Game Development - Advanced Programming Ontario College Graduate Certificate
  • Course description
    Level 1    Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • INFO-6014    Graphics 1     3.00
    • INFO-6015    Animation 1     3.00
    • INFO-6016    Network Programming     3.00
    • INFO-6017    Artificial Intelligence     4.00
    • INFO-6018    Audio Programming     3.00
    • INFO-6019    Physics & Simulation 1     4.00

    Level 2    Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • INFO-6020    Graphics 2     3.00
    • INFO-6021    Animation 2     3.00
    • INFO-6022    Physics & Simulation 2     4.00
    • INFO-6023    Game Algorithms & Gems     4.00
    • INFO-6024    Game Component Integration     3.00
    • INFO-6025    Configuration & Deployment     3.00

    INFO-6014 -  Graphics 1
    This course will examine computer graphicsfundamentals as games and simulations. Topicsinclude GPU architectures, meshes, coordinatesystems, occlusion, camera movement, and basicshaders. Lighting, texturing, and materialtechniques including bump mapping, fogging, andbasic shadowing will be explored. Hands-on,practical experience will be provided in selectedtopic areas.

    INFO-6015 -  Animation 1
    This course examines rigid body animationtechnologies implemented in games and simulations.Topics include creating and handling animationscreated by modelling and animation software,programmatic/physics controlled animation, forwardkinematics, skeletal frameworks, scripting, andassociated mathematics. Hands-on, practicalexperience will be provided in selected topicareas.

    INFO-6016 -  Network Programming
    This course provides students with a comprehensiveoverview of networking as used in games. Topicsinclude peer-to-peer, client/server architectures,real-time and turn-based multi-player games, andthe theory behind massive multiplayer onlinegames. Other topics may include in-game voice andvideo, security, validation, encryption, rankingand progression persistence, and prediction.

    INFO-6017 -  Artificial Intelligence
    Topics include graph theory, searching andpath-finding, finite-state machines, decisiontrees, production rule systems, neural networks,generic algorithms, motion and movement ofcharacter and vehicles. The course will alsoinvestigate the interfacing with existing thirdparty middleware. Hands-on, practical experiencewill also be provided in selected topic areas.

    INFO-6018 -  Audio Programming

    Topics studied will include audio asset managementfor sample, synthesized and streamed properties,real-time audio effects processing, 3D andsurround sound, DSP effects (such asreverberation, Doppler, etc.), voice and animationsynchronization, voice recognition, andinterfacing with third party tools andmiddle-ware.

    INFO-6019 -  Physics & Simulation 1

    Topics include kinematics and dynamics; collisionsand collision responses; particle systems, rigidand soft body simulation, simulation of cloth,hair, and water, and the simulation of physicalsurface properties such as friction and sounds.Hands-on, practical experience will also beprovided in selected topic areas.

    INFO-6020 -  Graphics 2

    This course explores more advanced topics such as:bump mapping, advanced shadow generation, particleand water simulation and rendering, dynamicreflections, blur, bloom, fur and hair simulation,high-dynamic range rendering, and non-graphicalprogramming of GPUs. Hands-on, practicalexperience will also be provided in selected topicareas.

    INFO-6021 -  Animation 2
    This course explores more advanced animationtechniques such as: inverse kinematics, clothsimulation, soft body simulation, time effects(such as slow motion/stop motion), integrationwith existing middleware, and integration andimplementation of cinematic (cut scenes, etc.).Hands-on, practical experience will also beprovided in selected topic areas.

    INFO-6022 -  Physics & Simulation 2
    This course explores more advanced physicalsimulation topics such physical based motion (bothbiologic and vehicular), physics based animation,explosions, particle systems and effects, hardwareaccelerated physics systems, and integration withexisting third party tools and middleware.Hands-on, practical experience will also beprovided in selected topic areas.

    INFO-6023 -  Game Algorithms & Gems

    Topics studied will include data structures, datapersistence, terrain, map or environmentmodelling, environmental element representation,weather simulation, level of detail, persistence,procedurally generated environments, andmiddleware integration. Storage, runtimeefficiency, and dynamic management will beexamined. Hands-on, practical experience will alsobe provided in selected topic areas.

    INFO-6024 -  Game Component Integration

    This course examines assembling components intoone or more working games, while handing deviceconfiguration, asset and object management andpersistence, middleware integration, garbagecollection, multi-threading/multi-processingissues, user input design, optimization, debuggingand scripting, and an overview of game engines.Hands-on, practical experience will be provided inselected topic areas.

    INFO-6025 -  Configuration & Deployment
    This course will examine game setup,customization, patching and deployment. Topicsinclude software delivery, patches, updates,scripting, user configuration, persistence(saving/loading), debugging interfaces andintegration with existing deployment andpublishing technologies and methods. Hands-on,practical experience will be provided in selectedtopic areas.

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