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Elementary Japanese II Course

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  • Objectives
    Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following: 1. Derive meaning from the Japanese written language from texts that are structurally simple. 2. Recombine learned vocabulary into structurally simple written statements and questions. 3. Recombine learned vocabulary and frequently used expressions into meaningful statements with evidence of creativity and/or improvisation. 4. Express basic needs and use basic courtesy expressions. 5. Demonstrate comprehension of high frequency and some limited terms of low frequency of learned vocabulary in structurally simple sentences and questions in a limited number of content areas. 6. Recognize simple cultural norms, beliefs, and regional variations of areas where the Japanese language is used. 7. Recognize key social and cultural Japanese traditions.
  • Course description
    1. Oral and Written Forms.
    2. 99 additional kanji characters
    3. Pronunciation
    4. Grammatical Structures
    5. Adjective conjunction
    6. Comparatives and superlatives
    7. Past, plain verb forms
    8. Extended predicate
    9. Verb, adjective, nominal te-form
    10. Probability and conjecture
    11. Interrogative plus particles
    12. Potential forms
    13. Nominalizer
    14. Progressive
    15. Relative clause
    16. Past experience
    17. Desire
    18. Opinion
    19. Excessive
    20. Quoted speech
    21. Intention/verb volitional form
    22. Simultaneous actions
    23. Temporal clause
    24. Indefinite pronoun
    25. Conditional clause
    26. Reporting hearsay
    27. Embedded question
    28. Interpersonal Transactions
    29. Describe, compare, and predict weather and climate
    30. Describe a schedule in logical order
    31. Express conjectures
    32. Describe hobby and degree of ability
    33. Describe family members
    34. Describe someone's progressive and habitual action
    35. Describe favorite food and drink
    36. Describe past experiences
    37. Make polite request
    38. Discuss plan
    39. Express 1st and 3rd persons' desires
    40. Express opinions in a culturally appropriate way
    41. Quote hearsay
    42. Describe planned action and the reason for the proposed action
    43. Describe simultaneous actions
    44. Transact purchases
    45. Describe clothes used on various occasions
    46. Provide multiple reasons
    47. Give culturally appropriate answers to questions
    48. Write a formal letter
    49. Read a newspaper style article
    50. Read various brochures

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