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Elementary Japanese I Course

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  • Objectives
    Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following: 1. Derive meaning from written Japanese that contains vocabulary where context and/or background knowledge are supportive. 2. Write simple sentences using formulaic expressions and learned vocabulary in Japanese. 3. Utilize frequently used expressions to describe self and others, and formulate questions to satisfy basic needs. 4. Express basic needs and use basic courtesy expressions. 5. Demonstrate comprehension of frequently used words and phrases in simple spoken questions, statements, commands, and courtesy formulae. 6. Identify components of the culture, including physical (personal space, customs), non-verbal (gestures, music), geographical, and arts (music and art). 7. Read and write Hiragana, Katakana, and 75 Kanji characters.
  • Course description
    1. Overview of Japanese Language
    2. Japanese communication styles
    3. Japanese grammar
    4. Speaking and Listening
    5. Oral exercises
    6. Tapes listening exercises
    7. Writing and Reading
    8. Romaji (Romanization)
    9. Hiragana
    10. Katakana
    11. Kanji (approximately 75 new kanji)
    12. Writing and reading exercises
    13. Grammar
    14. Numerals and counters
    15. Months, dates, days, and times
    16. Possessions
    17. Demonstratives
    18. Particles
    19. Daily activities (future and past)
    20. Expressing likes and dislikes
    21. Invitations
    22. Locations
    23. Existence
    24. Suggestions
    25. Adjectival and adverbial expressions
    26. Polite and plain forms
    27. Personal Transactions
    28. Introducing yourself and friends
    29. Everyday greetings
    30. Asking locations and showing locations on a map
    31. Describing one's town
    32. Making a phone call
    33. Invitations
    34. Asking how much things cost
    35. Polite requests
    36. Explaining schedules and daily life

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