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Diploma in Criminology

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  • Course description
    The Diploma in Criminology contains a core of method and theory courses that provides a foundation for more advanced study of crime and social responses to crime. Electives reflect the multidisciplinary nature of criminology. The required courses and electives afford students of criminology an opportunity to develop abstract logical thinking and critical understanding of the issues, arguments, and debates that shape the discipline’s character and aims.


    Graduates of the Diploma in Criminology program are employed in nearly every aspect of the justice system. Graduates may also continue their education in criminology, social work, and social and behavioural sciences.


    Students are required to complete 60 credits at the 1000 and 2000 level, according to the following program requirements:

        * GROUP A (all courses required)
              o CRIM 1100 Introduction to Criminology
              o CRIM 1101 Criminal Justice System Intro
              o CRIM 1107 Canadian Legal Systems
              o CRIM 1207 Introduction to Criminal Law
              o CRIM 1208 Methods of Research in Criminology
              o CRIM 2103 Quantitative Data Analysis I
              o CRIM 2330 Psychological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour
              o CRIM 2331 Sociological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour
              o CRIM 2341 Canadian Criminal Justice Administration
        * GROUP B (all courses required)
              o PSYC 1100 Introduction to Psychology: Basic Processes
              o PSYC 1200 Introduction to Psychology: Areas and Applications
              o SOCI 1125 Introduction to Society: Processes and Structures
        * GROUP C (one of the following is required)
              o PHIL 1100 Introduction to Philosophy
              o PHIL 1110 Confronting Moral Issues: Ethics
              o PHIL 1145 Critical Thinking
              o PHIL 1150 Introduction to Formal Logic
        * GROUP D (one of the following is required)
              o ANTH 1100 Social and Cultural Anthropology
              o CRIM 2211 Introduction to Policing
              o CRIM 2214 Corrections: Theory and Practice
              o ECON 1100 Growth of Market Economics
              o ECON 1101 Foundation of Economics (discontinued May 2004)
              o ENGL 1100 Writing, Reading and Thinking: An Introduction
              o HIST 1113 Canada to 1867
              o HIST 1114 Canada since 1867
              o HIST 1121 Europe since 1939
              o HUMN 1100 Analytical Approaches to Western Humanism
              o POLI 1120 Canadian Government and Politics
              o POLI 1125 Introduction to Political Science
        * GROUP E (two of the following are required)
              o ANTH 1217 Forensic Anthropology
              o ANTH 1220 First Nations Peoples and Cultures of British Columbia
              o CRIM 2213 Women, Girls and Crime
              o CRIM 2311 Police Administration and Management
              o CPSC 1100 Introduction to Computer Literacy
              o CPSC 1103 Introduction to Computer Programming I
              o HIST 2305 British Columbia (discontinued January 07)
              o PSYC 2315 Brain and Behaviour
              o PSYC 2320 Developmental Psychology: Childhood
              o PSYC 2321 Developmental Psychology: Adolescence
              o Any English literature course
              o Any university studies course in French
              o Any 1200-level or higher Sociology course
              o Any 3-credit university studies course in the sciences
        * GROUP F (any four of the following are required)
              o ANTH 1260 First Nations Peoples and Cultures of Canada
              o ANTH 1200 (formerly 1211) Biological Anthropology
              o CRIM 1203 Community Policing
              o CRIM 2204 Criminal Justice and Psychology
              o CRIM 2205 Law, Media and Popular Culture
              o CRIM 2249 Youth Justice
              o CRIM 2304 Current Issues in Correctional Practice
              o CRIM 2355 Police Deviance and Accountability
              o HIST 2119 Europe 1789 to 1914
              o HIST 2312 Quebec in Canada (discontinued January 2009)
              o POLI 1110 Ideology and Politics
              o PSYC 2330 Social Psychology
              o PSYC 2350 Psychopathology
              o PSYC 2370 Psychology of Personality
              o PSYC 2400 Experimental Psychology: Research Methodology
              o Any 2300-level Sociology course

    Students planning to apply to the Bachelor of Arts in Community Criminal Justice or the Bachelor of Arts, Criminology Major or Minor at Kwantlen should meet with an Educational Advisor to discuss elective courses that meet admission requirements. Students planning to transfer to another institution are responsible for ensuring that their courses are transferrable and meet the institution's program requirements.

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