Dental Assisting (Levels I and II) Ontario College Certificate

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  • Objectives
    The Dental Assisting (Levels I and II) program will prepare a student to be an entry-level practitioner, capable of working interdependently and collaboratively with health professionals in a variety of practice settings. The graduate will be able to assume a variety of roles including clinical, education, health promotion, business administration and laboratory assistant, consistent with national and provincial standards and the Regulated Health Professions Act.
  • Academic title
    Dental Assisting (Levels I and II) Ontario College Certificate
  • Course description
    Level 1     Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • ANAT-1006    Anatomy & Physiology     3.00
    • DENT-1001    Microbiology & Oral Pathology     3.00
    • DENT-1002    Pre-Clinical Dental Sciences     4.50
    • DENT-1003    Dental Records     2.00
    • DENT-1004    Dental Radiography 1     2.00
    • DENT-1005    Oral Facial Anatomy     3.00
    • DENT-1006    Preventive Dental Care 1     2.00
    • PSYC-1011    Interpersonal Psychology I     3.00

    Level 2    Credits

    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • DENT-1011    Dental Office Procedures     2.00
    • DENT-1012    Dental Materials     2.00
    • DENT-3001    Dental Radiography 2     1.00
    • DENT-1013    Clinical Practice 1     4.50
    • DENT-3002    Preventive Dental Care 2     3.50
    • DENT-1014    Dental Specialties     3.00
    • PHRM-1002    Pharmacology & Emergency Care     2.00
    • NUTR-1006    Nutrition: A Socio-cultural Look     3.00

    Level 3    Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • DENT-3003    Professional Issues     1.00
    • DENT-3004    Clinical Practice 2     2.25
    • DENT-3005    Clinical Consolidation 1     1.60
    • DENT-5001    Preventive Dental Care 3     1.00

    ANAT-1006 -  Anatomy & Physiology
    This introductory course involves the study of the structures and function of the human body. The material includes an introduction to anatomical terminology with an examination of each body system including: cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, nervous and endocrine systems.

    DENT-1001 -  Microbiology & Oral Pathology

    This course is designed to introduce Dental Assisting students to microbiology and pathology. The first section includes a survey of microorganisms, a study of the transmission of microorganisms, methods of preventing the spread of these organisms in the dental office, and an examination of infectious diseases of importance in dentistry. The second section begins with an introduction to pathology and terms used in the study of pathology. The course concludes with an examination of specific pathological conditions affecting the oral cavity.

    DENT-1002 -  Pre-Clinical Dental Sciences

    This course provides the student with the scientific basis and theoretical knowledge required for assisting during operative dentistry. Using clinical simulations, the student will become familiar with the properties and manipulation of dental materials, equipment and maintenance of the dental operatory, identification and sterilization of instruments and the routines of common dental procedures. Client care and workplace safety considerations will be emphasized.

    DENT-1003 -  Dental Records

    This course provides the student with a knowledge of dental terminology and the medical and dental record keeping procedures used in dental offices. Client charting simulations constitute a major part of the course. Professional conduct will be explored through discussions of regulatory bodies, professional associations and the dynamics of the dental health care team in the workplace.

    DENT-1004 -  Dental Radiography 1

    This course provides a basic knowledge of radiation generation, factors influencing image formation, and radiation hazards and safety codes. The student will be introduced to dental radiography equipment and the techniques for exposing, processing, and mounting radiographs. Quality assurance and asepsis control considerations will be emphasized. Application of the "Process of Care" model (A.P.I.E.) will be outlined with all aspects of client exposure, safety and radiographic protocol considerations.

    DENT-1005 -  Oral Facial Anatomy

    This course provides the student with foundational knowledge of dental tissues including microscopic anatomy, basic histology and embryology, tooth identification, and notation systems. Major anatomical features of the head and neck, including surface landmarks, skull bones, major musculatory vascular supply and innervation will be covered in depth to assist the student in overall dental care and treatment of the client.

    DENT-1006 -  Preventive Dental Care 1
    This course introduces the student to the major dental diseases and the preventive measures used to control them. Needs identification, behaviour modification and oral physiotherapy devices and techniques will be covered in order to prepare the student for providing oral self care counselling to clients.

    DENT-1011 -  Dental Office Procedures
    This course is designed to provide the student with a knowledge of effective communication skills for dealing with clients, dental team members and others. Techniques required for client management, time management, appointment control, dental insurance claim forms, telephone techniques and general business office skills will be explored. The student will utilize the ABELDent Dental Management Software Program to demonstrate dental management operations.

    DENT-1012 -  Dental Materials
    This course builds upon the basic theory presented in Semester I. Dental Materials introduces the student to a variety of techniques and equipment used in the dental lab. Emphasis will be placed on the manipulation, properties, safe handling of the materials. Workplace safety of the equipment in the fabrication of study casts, custom trays, bleaching trays, and mouth guards will be strongly emphasized. The student will be provided with a better understanding of how these techniques are applied in the overall treatment of the client.

    DENT-1013 -  Clinical Practice 1

    This course provides the student with an opportunity to apply didactic and clinical skills while assisting in various Dental Clinic areas at the Schulich School of Dentistry University of Western Ontario. The student will have an opportunity to contribute to the provision of oral health services in collaboration with other health care providers. Fourhanded dentistry techniques, infection control, radiography, professional conduct and interpersonal relations are emphasized.

    DENT-1014 -  Dental Specialties
    This course builds upon the basic dental assisting theory presented in Semester I. Dental Specialties introduces the student to the procedural aspects of providing client care in the institutional and specialty practice environments. Areas of study will include public health, communication, oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, paedodontics, implants, fixed and removable prosthodontics. The students will develop, implement, and evaluate an oral health presentation for a specific community target group.

    DENT-3001 -  Dental Radiography 2

    This course builds upon Dental Radiography I and provides the student with an opportunity to demonstrate intraoral and extraoral radiographic techniques on dexters. Exposed dental films will be processed using the automatic system, analyzed for diagnostic suitability, and mounted for interpretation. Emphasis will be placed on asepsis, client safety, and quality assurance considerations. Application of the "Process of Care" model (A.P.I.E) will be integrated with all aspects of radiographic client care and safety considerations.

    DENT-3002 -  Preventive Dental Care 2

    This course builds upon the knowledge and skills attained during Semester I. The student will develop an appreciation for the process of care model (A.P.I.E.) as it relates to the provision of optimal client care. The didactic information will be followed by practical experiences with manikin simulations and during clinical sessions on each other. An emphasis will be placed on the current legislation and the standards of practice relating to the designated Level II intraoral procedures.

    DENT-3003 -  Professional Issues
    This course presents the professional issues relating to the dental field and the provision of client care, including ethical, legal and quality asssurance considerations. The student will examine his/her role on the dental team and will learn a problem solving approach for dealing with dental assisting dilemmas.

    DENT-3004 -  Clinical Practice 2
    In this course the student gains experience and competency in their Level II intraoral skills, according to the A.P.I.E. process of care model. The student will use a collaborative clinical approach with other oral health care providers. Emphasis will be placed on providing optimal, individualized client care in a safe and effective manner. The integration and application of knowledge from related courses continue to be essential for success.

    DENT-3005 -  Clinical Consolidation 1

    This two week component provides the student with an opportunity to refine their clinical skills through hands-on experience in a private dental office. The student participates as a team member, completing all related duties of a Level I dental assistant. Emphasis is placed upon professional conduct, team work, and interpersonal skills.

    DENT-5001 -  Preventive Dental Care 3
    This lecture course builds upon the theory presented during Semesters 1 and 2. The need for comprehensive client assessments for the determination and performance of individualized preventive care is emphasized in keeping with the "process of care" concept. Self evaluation and performance improvement strategies related to practical experience will constitute a major part of the course. The role of Level II dental assistants in counselling clients on diet related oral health conditions will also be reviewed.

    NUTR-1006 -  Nutrition: A Socio-cultural Look

    This course presents a view of contemporary nutrition as the interaction between the individual and the environment mediated by food. This course examines the changing medical understanding of the healthy body during various life stages, the history and evolution of diet composition and food preferences, and the development of nutritional standards and guidelines. Controversial issues relating to nutrition and disease prevention strategies are also explored.

    PHRM-1002 -  Pharmacology & Emergency Care

    This course introduces students to drugs used in dentistry and drugs that may affect dental treatment. It also presents information concerning the prevention and management of emergency situations that may arise in the dental office.

    PSYC-1011 -  Interpersonal Psychology I
    This course is designed to assist students in realizing the importance of their self-understanding, their perceptions and their communication skills in facilitating effective human interaction.

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