Computer Numerical Control Machining Ontario College Certificate - Part-time

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Comments about Computer Numerical Control Machining Ontario College Certificate - Part-time - Kitchener - Ontario

  • Objectives
    This 352 hour program will cover CNC programming through different methods of CNC code generating. The course is designed to teach manual (G code) programming techniques, equivalent to CNC Intermediate as well as EdgeCAM, an intelligent CAM (Computer Aided Machining) program capable of utilizing Solid Modeling. The emphasis of this course is to create a proficient CNC programmer, whether the programming is being done at a computer by means of software or directly at the machine. This program also gives the student experience setting up and operating various CNC machinery including Machining Centers and Turning Centers.
  • Academic title
    Computer Numerical Control Machining Ontario College Certificate
  • Course description
    MACH1030      Principles Of Computerized Numerical Control Fundamentals Of Manual Program    
    Description: This module is designed for a student to study the history, principles and economic significance of numerical control. In addition, the student will be given an understanding of the functions of major components of CNC systems, the application of Cartesian co-ordinates to CNC machine tool motions, axis designation. The student will also be introduced to the fundamentals of manual programming for contouring CNC machines involving simple linear and circular interpolation CNC terminology. Understand the principles of numerical control and their application to metal cutting machine tools. As well, the student will write simple CNC part programs for continuous path machining operations and prove programs using computerized CNC simulation.
    Hours: 100
    Credits: 7

    MACH1040     Computerized Numerical Control Machine Tool Consoles
    Description: This module is designed to give the student an understanding of manual and automatic control of CNC machine tools through the use of the control console keyboard, CRT, D.N.C., memory and editing functions. In addition, the student will become familiar with special machine function controls for removal of chips, automatic tool changing. Understand the functions of CNC machine tool control consoles and activate their various modes of operation.
    Hours: 25
    Credits: 2

    MACH1050     Computerized Numerical Control Set-Up And Operating Procedures

    Description: This module is designed to give the student the skills necessary to set up CNC turning/machining centres. The student will read set up sheets, select cutting tools from a tool library, mount tooling in the turret/automatic tool changer, select and mount workholding devices, set zero positions and set the tailstock. The student will also learn to position the turret for cycle start, set tool offsets, perform dry runs for unproven programs, make any necessary corrections. Set up tooling and workpieces on CNC turning/machining centres in accordance with program set up sheets to produce workpieces to engineering drawing specifications from existing part programs.
    Hours: 227
    Credits: 15

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