Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish

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  • Objectives
    The Department of Spanish offers classes in the Spanish language and Spanish and Spanish-American history, literature, film and civilization. Our language program is rich with offerings, with courses designed for beginning to advanced speakers. Special emphasis is directed toward conversational skills, and our students make significant progress. Our literature courses explore the important contributions of writers from Spain and the Americas. For the convenience of non-major students, some courses are conducted in English. The same may be said of our courses in civilization. Several focusing on the political history of Latin America are among the faculty's most popular offerings.
  • Academic title
    Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish
  • Course description

    1. Classes:

    •     1000 level: SPAN 1020X/Y.06 (or equivalent)
    •     2000 level: SPAN 2020X/Y.06
    •     3000 level: SPAN3010.03, 3020.03, 3030.03 and 3060.03

    2. Exam

    A written and oral Examination with a minimum average of B- on each part. Students who fail the Examination on the first attempt will be allowed to take it over after one year. No one is entitled to take the Examination without having done the class work.

    • SPAN 1010.03: Advanced Beginning Spanish.
    • SPAN 1020X/Y.06: Beginning Spanish.
    • SPAN 2020X/Y.06: Intermediate Spanish.
    • SPAN 2030.03: Integrated Skills.
    • SPAN 2040.03: Spanish for Business.
    • SPAN 2069.03: Central America to 1979.
    • SPAN 2070.03: Area Studies on Mexico and Central America.
    • SPAN 2100.03: La Civilización de España.
    • SPAN 2105.03: Catalan Language and Culture.
    • SPAN 2109.03: Cuba from Colonial Times to 1961.
    • SPAN 2110.03: The Cuban Cultural Revolution.
    • SPAN 2130.03: Latin American Dictators in the Novel.
    • SPAN 2200.03: La Civilización de Hispanoamérica.
    • SPAN 2230.03: Contemporary Spanish American Prose (in translation), Part I.
    • SPAN 2240.03: Contemporary Spanish American Prose (in translation), Part II.
    • SPAN 2500.03: Introducción a la literatura española.
    • SPAN 2510.03: Introducción a la literatura Hispanoamericana.
    • SPAN 3010.03: Workshop in Advanced Oral Spanish I.
    • SPAN 3015.03: Workshop in Advanced Oral Spanish II.
    • SPAN 3020.03: Translation.
    • SPAN 3025.03: Traducción: Inglés-Español.
    • SPAN 3030.03: Composición.
    • SPAN 3060.03: Español Avanzado: Puntos Gramaticales Problemáticos.
    • SPAN 3090.03: Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation.
    • SPAN 3095.03: Evolution of Spanish.
    • SPAN 3215.03: Seminario de literatura latinoamericana.
    • SPAN 3225.03: Seminario de literatura de la generación del 98.
    • SPAN 3500.03: Literatura española contemporánea.
    • SPAN 3510.03: Literatura Hispanoamericana contemporánea.
    • SPAN 3525.03: Historia e historias: la literatura como alternativa.
    • SPAN 3550.03: Utopia y exilio en la literatura hispano - canadiense.
    • SPAN 3800.03: Seminario de cine español.
    • SPAN 3805.03: Survey of Spanish Film.
    • SPAN 3810.03: Seminario de cine latinoamericano.
    • SPAN 3815.03: Survey of Hispanic American Film.
    • SPAN 3900.03: Introducción a los estudios hispanicos.
    • SPAN 3905.06: Estudios hispánicos avanzados.
    • SPAN 3970.03: Lecturas dirigidas de literatura Hispanoamericana.
    • SPAN 3975.03: Estudios hispánicos dirigidos.
    • SPAN 3980.03: Lecturas para especialistas.
    • SPAN 4510.03: Literatura de la Edad de oro.
    • SPAN 4985.03: Lecturas para estudiantes de honores.
    • SPAN 4990.03: Estudios hispánicos avanzados independientes.

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