Certificate of Proficiency in German

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  • Objectives
    The certificate is normally awarded to students who are not specializing in German but who, having taken several German courses, wish to have their proficiency officially acknowledged. Major and honours students may also be awarded the certificate, provided they meet the requirements.
  • Academic title
    Certificate of Proficiency in German
  • Course description
    •     At least 3 full credits beyond the 1000 level. Classes not given in German are excluded.
    •     At least one of the above must be at the 3000 level.
    •     Examination with both written and oral components. A passing grade of B or above is required.
    •     Students will not be permitted to sit the examination without having completed the course work.

    • GERM 1010X/Y.06: German for Beginners.
    • GERM 1020X/Y.06: German Fiction in Novel and Film.
    • GERM 1021X/Y.06: German Fiction in Novel & Film.
    • GERM 1060X/Y.06: German Reading Class for Beginners.
    • GERM 1080X/Y.06: German Folk and Fairy Tales.
    • GERM 2000X/Y.06: Intermediate German.
    • GERM 2010.03: Germanic Myths and Tales I.
    • GERM 2011.03: Germanic Myths and Tales II.
    • GERM 2020X/Y.06: Exercises in Translation and Composition.
    • GERM 2050.03: German Reading I.
    • GERM 2051.03: German Reading II.
    • GERM 2060.03: German for Business, Economics and Tourism I.
    • GERM 2061.03: German for Business, Economics and Tourism II.
    • GERM 2080.06: German Folk and Fairy Tales.
    • GERM 2150X/Y.06: Goethe's Faust.
    • GERM 2200X/Y.06: Introduction to German Literature.
    • GERM 2400X/Y.06: German Art and Literature.
    • GERM 2450X/Y.06: Kant and the History of German Idealism.
    • GERM 2550.03: In Pursuit of Freedom from Luther to Nietzsche I.
    • GERM 2551.03: In Pursuit of Freedom from Luther to Nietzsche II.
    • GERM 2600.03: 'Freiheit'. Freedom in German Literature and Thought I.
    • GERM 2601.03: 'Freiheit'. Freedom in German Literature and Thought II. 19th and 20th century.
    • GERM 3000X/Y.06: Advanced German.
    • GERM 3001.03: Advanced Spoken German I.
    • GERM 3002.03: Advanced Spoken German II.
    • GERM 3010.03: Advanced Translation I: German - English.
    • GERM 3011.03: Advanced Translation II: English - German.
    • GERM 3050X/Y.06: German Reading.
    • GERM 3051.03: German Reading III.
    • GERM 3052.03: German Reading IV.
    • GERM 3100X/Y.06: German Literature and Thought from Reformation to Enlightenment.
    • GERM 3120.03: Origins of Comparative Religion from Hegel to Nietzsche.
    • GERM 3150X/Y.06: Goethe and the Enlightenment.
    • GERM 3200X/Y.06: Goethe and Romanticism.
    • GERM 3240X/Y.06: Literature of the 19th Century.
    • GERM 3250X/Y.06: Modern German Literature.
    • GERM 3300X/Y.06: History of German Poetry.
    • GERM 3400X/Y.06: Germany and Europe: The Cultural Union.
    • GERM 3650X/Y.06: History and Theory of the German Novel.
    • GERM 4100X/Y.06: Aesthetic Theory.
    • GERM 4200X/Y.06: Seminar on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.
    • GERM 4250X/Y.06: Studies in German Idealism.
    • GERM 4500.03: Special Topics Class I.
    • GERM 4501.03: Special Topics Class II.
    • GERM 4600X/Y.06: Special Topics Class.

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