Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Integrated Science

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  • Objectives
    The Integrated Science programs offered by the Faculty of Science provide undergraduate students an opportunity to design a program of study that blends a concentration in science with a linked area of specialization in another Faculty. The science concentration can be in any one of the following areas: physical, earth, life, or mathematical (including computer science) in association with specialty areas outside of the Faculty of Science. In this way, the student acquires a depth of understanding of a particular branch of science integrated with knowledge that will aid in the application of that understanding in a professional or employment context.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Integrated Science
  • Course description
    Integrated Science
    B.Sc. Honours
    (20.0 credits)

    Detailed programs in IS are constructed and approved on an individual basis. All IS Honours programs adhere to the following structure.

       1. Science Sequence (9.0 credits included in the Major CGPA):

       1. 1.0 credit in INSC 4908 [1.0] or INSC 4907 [1.0];
       2. 3.0 credits from the Faculty of Science at the 3000-level or above;
       3. 4.0 credits from the Faculty of Science at the 2000-level or above;
       4. 1.0 credits from the Faculty of Science at the 2000-level or above (may include up to 1.0 credit 1000-level COMP)

       2. Non-Science Sequence (4.0 credits included in the Major CGPA):

       5. 4.0 credits in an area selected from outside the Faculty of Science;

       3. Additional Requirements (7.0 credits)

       6. 1.0 credit in MATH 1007 and MATH 1107;
       7. 2.0 credits from BIOL 1003, BIOL 1004, CHEM 1000 [1.0], ERTH 1006, ERTH 1007, PHYS 1007, PHYS 1008;
       8. 2.0 credits from Science, Mathematics, Arts and Social Sciences, Public Affairs, Computer Science or Engineering;
       9. 2.0 credits in free electives.

    Note: at least 2.0 credits in Items 1 to 9 above must be chosen from the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences or Public Affairs.

    Technology, Society, Environment Studies (TSES) courses are considered Non-Science credits.

    English as a Second Language (ESLA) courses are accepted in Items 8 and 9 only.

    The following engineering courses may be used to fulfil the Faculty of Science course requirements if they were taken while the student was registered in the Bachelor of Engineering program: CIVE 2101, ENVE 2002, ENVE 3004, ENVE 4003, ELEC 2501, ELEC 2507, ELEC 3909, ECOR 1606, MAAE 2101, MAAE 2300, MAAE 2400, SYSC1100, SYSC 1101, SYSC 1102, SYSC 2001, SYSC 2002, SYSC 2003, SYSC  2004, SYSC 2100, SYSC 3001, SYSC 3006, SYSC  3100, SYSC 3200.

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