Bachelor of Science Combined Honours: Earth Sciences and Physics

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Comments about Bachelor of Science Combined Honours: Earth Sciences and Physics - At the institution - Halifax - Nova Scotia

  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Science Combined Honours: Earth Sciences and Physics
  • Course description
     Combined Honours: Earth Sciences and Physics
    Students should follow the Earth Sciences Honours Program in years I to III, including ERTH 2270.03 and ERTH 3270.03, but should take a Physics class in place of ERTH 3010.03/3020.03. MATH 2001.03/2002.03 should also be taken in either Year II or III, and MATH 3110.03/3120.03 in Year III or IV.

    1000 level


    •     ERTH 1080.03 and any other 1st year ERTH course, ERTH 1090 recommended or SCIE 1502.21 or SCIE 1504.27 or SCIE 1510.33

    •     PHYC 1100X/Y.06 or 1300X/Y.06 or SCIE 1501X/Y.27 or SCIE 1510X/Y.33

    2000 level
    •     ERTH 2000.015: Earth Sciences Field School
    •     ERTH 2001.03: Earth Materials Science I
    •     ERTH 2002.03: Earth Materials Science II
    •     ERTH 2110.03 (Prerequisite: ERTH 2000.015): Field Methods
    •     ERTH 2203.03: Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
    •     ERTH 2205.03: Introduction to Paleontology
    •     ERTH 2270.03: Introduction to Applied Geophysics
    •     PHYC 2140.03: Physics Tools: Theory./PHYC 2150.03: Physics Tools: Experiment.
    •     PHYC 2515.03: Modern Physics./PHYC 2510.03: Electricity and Magnetism.

    3000 level
    •     ERTH 3000.015: Computing Camp
    •     ERTH 3140.03: Structural Geology
    •     ERTH 3302.03: Quaternary Sedimentary Environments
    •     ERTH 3303.03: Stratigraphy
    •     Four physics half credits at the 3000 level or above

    Classes from other departments

    •     MATH 1000.03/1010.03
    •     MATH 2001.03/2002.03
    •     CHEM 1011.03/1012.03

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