Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) with Psychology Stream

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Comments about Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) with Psychology Stream - At the institution - Ottawa - Ontario

  • Objectives
    Learn about the relationship between computer science and psychology, including areas such as cognitive science, human factors, product-design methodology, and social aspects of computer use. Graduates in this stream will be ready to work on computational problems in artificial intelligence, human-computer interfaces,or human-centric computing.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) with Psychology Stream
  • Course description
    (First year students are advised to take courses in term indicated below)

    • COMP 1405 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (Fall)
    • COMP 1805 Discrete Structures I (Fall)
    • COMP 1406 Design and Implementation of Computer Applications (Winter)
    • COMP 1402 Introduction to Systems Programming (Winter)
    • MATH 1007 Elementary Calculus I (Fall)
    • MATH 1104 Linear Algebra for Engineering & Computer Science students (Winter)
    • PSYC 1001 Introduction to Psychology I (Fall)
    • PSYC 1002 Introduction to Psychology II (Winter)

    1.0 credit Additional Requirements(see below)

    Total: 5 credits


    • COMP 2003 Computer Organization
    • COMP 2402 Abstract Data Types and Algorithms
    • COMP 2404 Programming in C++
    • COMP 2805 Discrete Structures II
    • MATH 2107 Linear Algebra II
    • STAT 2507 Introduction to Statistical Modeling I
    • PSYC 2001 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
    • PSYC 2100 Introduction to Social Psychology
    • PSYC 2700 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
    • PSYC 2800 Introduction to Human Factors

    Total: 5 credits


    • COMP 3000 Operating Systems
    • COMP 3004 Object-Oriented Software Engineering
    • COMP 3005 Database Management Systems
    • COMP 3007 Programming Paradigms
    • COMP 3804 Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
    0.5 credit in Computer Science at the 2000-level or above

    • MATH 3101 Algebraic Structures with Computer Applications

    0.5 credit in PSYC 3102 Cognitive Processes in Social Psychology or PSYC 3105 Organizational Psychology or PSYC 3702 Perception
    1.0 credit in PSYC at the 3000-level or above.

    Total: 5 credits


    • COMP 4905 Honours Project
    1.5 credits in Computer Science at the 4000-level

    • PSYC 4800 Psychological Aspects of Product Design Methodology
    • PSYC 4805 Social Aspects of Computer Use

    2.0 credits in Additional Requirements (see below)

    Total: 5 credits


    3.0 credits in free electives

    TOTAL FOR DEGREE: 20 credits

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