Bachelor of Arts with Concentration in Theatre

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  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Arts with Concentration in Theatre
  • Course description
    15-credit BA with Concentration in Theatre

    This degree is designed for students who want to take a general liberal-arts degree in Theatre, would like to acquire a broad and varied knowledge of its various aspects, or are not interested in specializing.

    Year 1

    •     THEA 1000X/Y.06
    •     1 other full class in THEA at 1000-level
    •     3 credits in other subjects

    Years 2 and 3

    •     THEA 2011.03
    •     THEA 2012.03
    •     THEA 3500X/Y.06
    •     Between 2 and 6 advanced Theatre classes, of which at least 1 credit has to be at the 3000-level
    •     At least the equivalent of 2 full classes in other subjects

    • THEA 1000X/Y.06: Introduction to Theatre.
    • THEA 1050X/Y.06: Introduction to Theatre Organization and Stagecraft.
    • THEA 1300X/Y.06: Introduction to Film.
    • THEA 1450X/Y.06: Introduction to Costume Studies.
    • THEA 1800X/Y.06: Introduction to Acting and Performance.
    • THEA 2000X/Y.06: Theatre Performance.
    • THEA 2011.03: Classical Theatre.
    • THEA 2012.03: Early Modern Theatre.
    • THEA 2020X/Y.06: Jazz Dance I (Spring Session Only).
    • THEA 2060X/Y.06: Technical Scenography I.
    • THEA 2070X/Y.06: Performance Technology I.
    • THEA 2300X/Y.06: Film Study.
    • THEA 2310X/Y.06: Film Genres.
    • THEA 2311.03: Film Analysis.
    • THEA 2312.03: Issues in Film Aesthetics.
    • THEA 2313.03: Shakespeare and this Contemporaries on Film.
    • THEA 2314.03: Survey of Italian Cinema.
    • THEA 2320X/Y.06: Popular Cinema.
    • THEA 2336.03: Russian Film I.
    • THEA 2346.03: East European Cinema: War, Love, and Revolutions.
    • THEA 2400X/Y.06: Cave to Caf?: Costume and Identity from Antiquity to 1700.
    • THEA 2406X/Y.06: The Aesthetics of Contemporary Dress.
    • THEA 2411.03: Designers' Language.
    • THEA 2451.03: Costume in Performance I.
    • THEA 2700X/Y.06: Scenography I.
    • THEA 2800X/Y.06/THEA 2810X/Y.06/THEA 2820X/Y.06: The Discovery Year.
    • THEA 2800X/Y.06: Acting II.
    • THEA 2810X/Y.06: Voice and Speech II.
    • THEA 2820X/Y.06: Dance and Movement II.
    • THEA 2841.03: Speak With Confidence: Voice for Non-Majors.
    • THEA 2900X/Y.06: Dramaturgy.
    • THEA 3010X/Y.06: The History of Musical Theatre.
    • THEA 3020.06: Jazz Dance II. (Spring Session only).
    • THEA 3060X/Y.06: Technical Scenography II.
    • THEA 3070X/Y.06: Performance Technology II.
    • THEA 3200X/Y.06: The Director in the Theatre.
    • THEA 3311X/Y.06: The Cinema of David Lynch.
    • THEA 3330.03: Film Theory I.
    • THEA 3331.03: Film Theory II.
    • THEA 3405X/Y.06: The Aesthetics of Historical Dress.
    • THEA 3408.03: The Aesthetics of Ritual Costume.
    • THEA 3450.03: Costume in Performance II.
    • THEA 3454.03: Body-Shaping Through Historical Tailoring II.
    • THEA 3455.03: Body-Shaping Through Historical Tailoring I.
    • THEA 3500X/Y.06: The Modern Theatre.
    • THEA 3600X/Y.06: The Playwright in the Theatre.
    • THEA 3710X/Y.06: Scenography II.
    • THEA 3800X/Y.06/THEA 3810X/Y.06/THEA 3820.06: The Transformation Year.
    • THEA 3800X/Y.06: Acting III.
    • THEA 3810X/Y.06: Voice and Speech III.
    • THEA 3820X/Y.06: Dance and Movement III.
    • THEA 3911.03: Gender in Theatre: A Cross-Cultural Survey.
    • THEA 3912.03: Gender Theory and Contemporary Performance.
    • THEA 4400X/Y.06: Dress and Identity: King's Court to Mass Culture, 1700 - present.
    • THEA 4450.03: Costume Technology.
    • THEA 4452.03: The Sculpture of Dress.
    • THEA 4500.03: Colonial Canadian Theatre.
    • THEA 4501.03: Post-Colonial Canadian Theatre.
    • THEA 4700X/Y.06: Special Topics I.
    • THEA 4735X/Y.06: Advanced Seminar in Baroque Culture.
    • THEA 4800X/Y.06/4840X/Y.06: The Interpretation and Performance Year.
    • THEA 4800X/Y.06: Acting IV.
    • THEA 4840X/Y.06: Advanced Performance Techniques.
    • THEA 4900X/Y.06: Theory and Criticism of Drama and Theatre.
    • THEA 4921.03: Special Topics II.
    • THEA 4931.03: Contemporary Theatre.
    • THEA 4932.03: Cross-Cultural Theatres.

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