Bachelor of Arts with Concentration in Linguistics

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Comments about Bachelor of Arts with Concentration in Linguistics - At the institution - Halifax - Nova Scotia

  • Objectives
    An undergraduate degree in linguistics gives students opportunities to study the formal, functional and systemic nature of language and languages. This is achieved through the study of linguistic theory and through training in methods of linguistic analysis.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Arts with Concentration in Linguistics
  • Course description
    15-credit BA with Concentration in Linguistics

    Program requirements

    A minimum of four full credits, as outlined below. At least two of the four credits must be at or above the 3000 level.
    •     A two semester (full credit equivalent) Introduction to Linguistics, listed under Core Program Requirements (above);
    •     Two of the half-credit classes (or equivalent), listed under Core Program Requirements (above);
    •     The equivalent of one full credit selected with the advice of the program coordinator. This requirement may be met by regularly scheduled classes listed or cross-listed as linguistic classes, by special topics / directed readings classes in linguistics, by second year (intermediate) classes in a language other than the student's first language or in formal logic, or by a computer language class; and,
    •     One full credit selected from the list of options below.

    A. Classes Offered at Dalhousie University

    Contemporary Studies

    •     CTMP 2304.03: Semiotics
    •     CTMP 4115.06: Language and Politics: The Linguistic Turn in Contemporary Political Thought

    •     ENGL 2201.06: The English Language
    •     ENGL 3007.06: Old English

    Unless specifically indicated otherwise, all courses are taught in French.
    •     FREN 3025.03: Linguistics: Introduction to Acadian Dialectology
    •     FREN 3026.03: Quebec French
    •     FREN 4001.03: History of French: The Middle Ages
    •     FREN 4001.03: History of French: The Modern Period
    •     FREN 4011.03: Lexicology
    •     FREN 4012.03: Aspects of French Structure
    •     FREN 4013.03: Pragmatics
    •     FREN 4014.03: Language and Society
    •     FREN 4015.06: Advanced Translation into English
    •     FREN 4016.06: Introduction to Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching (taught in English)
    •     FREN 4017.03: General Translation
    •     FREN 4018.03: Electronic Tools and Resources for French (taught in English)

    •     PHIL 3300.03: Philosophy of Language
    •     PHIL 4510.03: Topics in the Philosophy of Language

    •     PSYO 3052.03: Sensory Neuroscience II: Hearing and Speech
    •     PSYO 3093.03: Language & Literacy
    •     PSYO3190.03: Psycholinguistics
    •     PSYO 3790.03: Neurolinguistics

    •     RUSS 4000.06:The Structure of Contemporary Standard Russian

    •     SOSA 3081.03:Sociolinguistics

    B. Classes offered at Saint Mary's University (SMU) and Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU)


    •     SMU ANT 1290.1(2): Introduction to Human Communication
    •     SMU ANT 2391.1(2): Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
    •     SMU ANT 2392.1(2): Language, Culture and Society
    •     SMU ANT 3395.1(2): Language Use and Issues in Northern Canada
    •     SMU ANT 4491.1(2): Ethnography of Communication
    •     SMU ANT 4492.1(2): Anthropological Analysis of Linguistic Communities
    •     MSVU LING 2281.1(2): Language and Culture

    •     MSVU LING 3385.1(2): Teaching English as a Second Language I
    •     MSVU LING 3386.1(2): Teaching English as a Second Language II

    •     SMU EGL 2311.1(2): Modern English Language
    •     SMU EGL 3312.1 (2): Modern English Language in Canada
    •     SMU EGL 3402.0: History of the English Language
    •     SMU EGL 2308.1(2): English Prose Style from 1500
    •     SMU EGL 4490.0: Discourse Analysis

    •     SMU FRE 3321.1(2): French Phonetics
    •     SMU FRE 3341.1(2): Linguistic Study of French
    •     SMU FRE 3305.1(2): Acadian Language and Culture
    •     SMU FRE 4440.1(2): Canadian French: Sociolinguistic Perspectives
    •     MSVU LING 3371.1(2): Structure and Variety in Contemporary French I: Phonetics
    •     MSVU LING 3372.1(2): Structure and Variety in Contemporary French II: Grammar
    •     MSVU LING 3384.1(2): The Development of Modern French

    •     SMU LIN 4410.1(2): Directed Readings in Linguistics I
    •     SMU LIN 4411.1(2): Directed Reading in Linguistics II
    •     SMU LIN 3431.1(2): Special Topics in Linguistics I
    •     SMU LIN 4432.1(2): Special Topics in Linguistics II
    •     SMU LIN 3341.1(2): Advanced Morphology
    •     SMU LIN 3342.1(2): Comparative Linguistics

    Political Studies
    •     MSVU LING 3308.1(2): Language and Politics


    •     SMU PHI 402.1(2): Philosophy of Language: Meaning
    •     SMU PHI 403.1(2): Philosophy of Language: Speech Acts

    •     MSVU LING 3311.1(2): Language Development

    •     SMU SOC 3338.1(2): Language Change and Social Change
    •     SMU SOC 3366.1(2): Field Methods in Linguistics I
    •     SMU SOC 3367.1(2): Field Methods in Linguistics II *
    •     SMU SOC 4417.0: Seminar on Endangered Languages

    Women's Studies
    •     SMU WMS/EGL 2326.1(2): Language and Gender
    •     SMU WMS/EGL 3427.1(2): Language, Gender and Power

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