Bachelor of Arts Honours in Biology

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  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Arts Honours in Biology
  • Course description
    20-credit Honours Biology, BA, BSc

    Students will not normally be officially registered into an Honours program until their 3rd year, after they have completed at least most of the required 2nd and 3rd year classes and earned the specified 3.0 GPA in them. Students may be admitted into a program without having completed all of the 2nd and 3rd year required classes but their ultimate graduation with an honours degree will be conditional upon achieving a 3.0 average in these classes.

    Classes required in all Biology Honours Programs

    1000 level

    •     BIOL 1010.03 or BIOL 1020.03 (minimum grade of C-)
    •     BIOL 1011.03 or BIOL 1021.03 (minimum grade of C-)
    •     CHEM 1011.03/1012.03
    •     DISP (minimum grade of C-) (SCIE 1501X/Y or 1502X/Y or 1503X/Y or 1504X/Y or 1510X/Y)

    A "B" average (3.0) must be attained in the following 2000 and 3000 level required biology classes.
    A maximum of two of these required classes may be repeated in an attempt to achieve this grade point average. Students in ANY type of Biology honours program, even if Biology is the Allied Subject and not the major area of concentration, MUST take all of these 2nd and 3rd yr. required classes and earn a 3.0 GPA.

    2000 level
    •     BIOL 2020.03
    •     BIOL 2030.03
    •     BIOL 2040.03 (or BIOL 3041.03 prior to 2005)
    •     BIOL 2060.03
    •     BIOL 2003.03 (or 2 of BIOL 2001, 2002, 2101 prior to 2005)
    •     BIOL 2004.03 (or 2 of BIOL 2001, 2002, 2101 prior to 2005)

    3000 level
    •     At least one class from BIOL 3050.03, BIOL 3078.03 AND BIOL 3079.03, and PHYL 2030XY.06 (PHYL 2030X/Y.06 will be counted as a 2nd year level Biology credit)

    4000 level
    •     BIOL 4900X/Y.06 (for those in Concentrated Honours and Combined Honours programs in which Biology is the major area of study)
    •     Honours Qualifying exam (graded as Pass/Fail and based on participation in BIOL 4900X/Y.06 class and the Cameron Conference for Honours students)
    •     NOTE: A minimum of 9 credits in Biology above the 1000 level, including 2 credits above the 2000 level are required for the Honours degree.

    Other Required Classes
    •     For Concentrated Honours programs, two full credits above the 1000 level in any subject other than Biology (applies to BA students only).

    Other Recommended Classes
    •     PHYC 1300X/Y.06 or 1000X/Y.06 or 1100X/Y.06
    •     STATS 1060.03 and MATH 1000.03 or 1215.03

    • BIOC 1040.06: Biological Chemistry and Metabolism for Students of Pharmacy.
    • BIOC 1420.03: Introductory Biochemistry for Nursing Students.
    • BIOC 2300.03: Introduction to Biochemistry.
    • BIOC 2610.03: Introductory Biochemistry Lab.
    • BIOC 3200.03: Biological Chemistry.
    • BIOC 3300.03: Intermediary Metabolism.
    • BIOC 3400.03: Nucleic Acid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
    • BIOC 4001.03: Special Topics in Biochemistry.
    • BIOC 4010.03: Bioinformatics.
    • BIOC 4027.03: Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer.
    • BIOC 4302.03: Biochemistry of Lipids.
    • BIOC 4305.03: Mechanisms of Signal Transduction.
    • BIOC 4403.03: Genes and Genomes.
    • BIOC 4404.03: Gene Expression.
    • BIOC 4501.03: Medical Biotechnology I.
    • BIOC 4603.03: Advanced Laboratory in Biochemical Techniques.
    • BIOC 4604.03: Research Project I.
    • BIOC 4605.03: Research Project II.
    • BIOC 4700.03: Proteins.
    • BIOC 4701.03: Enzymes.
    • BIOC 4702.03: Biophysical Characterization of Macromolecules.
    • BIOC 4804.03: Introduction to Pharmacology I.
    • BIOC 4806.03: Introduction to Pharmacology II.
    • BIOC 4807.03: Introduction to Pharmacology III.
    • BIOC 4811.03: Biochemistry of Clinical Disorders I.
    • BIOC 4812.03: Biochemistry of Clinical Disorders II.
    • BIOC 4835.03: Human Genetics.
    • BIOC 8891.00: Co-op work term 1.
    • BIOC 8892.00: Co-op work term 2.
    • BIOC 8893.00: Co-op work term 3.
    • BIOC 8894.00: Co-op work term 4.
    • SCIE 1111.03: Elements of Writing.
    • SCIE 2800.00: Science Co-op Seminar Series.

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