Associate of Science Degree in Pre-Medicine

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  • Objectives
    Whether your goal is to be a family physician, a specialist or surgeon, your path begins with English, Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry courses. You can complete 20 courses (60 credits) and start preparation for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) at Camosun. This unique package of courses offered in the Pre-Med Associate Degree explores diverse fields of education—keeping your options open beyond a medical career while maintaining your educational investment.
  • Academic Title
    Associate of Science Degree in Pre-Medicine
  • Course description
    Year 1             

    Courses                                                        Credits

    BIOL 124
        Evolution and Diversity                             4.0

    BIOL 126
        Physiological Basis of Life                            4.0

    CHEM 120
        College Chemistry 1                                    4.0

    CHEM 121
        College Chemistry 2                                     4.0

    ENGL 150
        English Composition                                     3.0

    ENGL 160
        Introduction to Literature                            3.0


      ENGL 164
        First Nations Literature                                 3.0

    MATH 100
        Calculus 1                                                     4.0


      MATH 108
        Applied Calculus                                             4.0

    MATH 101
        Calculus 2                                                     4.0

      MATH 109
        Finite Math                                                     4.0

    PHYS 104
        General College Physics 1                             4.0

      PHYS 114
        Fundamentals of Physics 1                             4.0

    PHYS 105
        General College Physics 2                             4.0

      PHYS 115
        Fundamentals of Physics 2                             4.0
    Year 2           

    Courses                                                        Credits

    BIOL 202
        Microbiology 1     


    BIOL 203
        Microbiology 2                                                4.0

    BIOL 230
        Cell Biology                                                     4.0

    BIOL 232
        Principles of Genetics                                     4.0

    CHEM 230
        Organic Chemistry 1                                         4.0

    CHEM 231
        Organic Chemistry 2                                         4.0

    CHEM 255
        Principles of Biochemistry                                 4.0

    One of: PSYC 110, or any ANTH, PHIL, SOC university
       transfer course (not English)                            3.0

    One of: PSYC 120, PSYC 130, PSYC 150, PSYC 164    3.0

    Any ANTH, PHIL, SOC university transfer course    3.0

    One elective (CHEM 213 or PSYC 215 recommended)    3.0 - 4.0

    Internship Options                                           Credits

    COOP WEP     Workplace Education     0.0
    ASDG 101     Co-operative Work Experience 1 (Internship 1)     6.0
    Total Credits

    Coop Options                                                   Credits
    COOP WEP     Workplace Education     0.0
    ASDG 101     Co-operative Work Experience 1 (Internship 1)     6.0
    ASDG 201     Co-operative Work Experience 2 (Internship 2)     6.0
    Total Credits

    All elective courses need to be transferable to at least one BC university. In the course description, this is indicated by (T).

    Note: There are additional courses needed for acceptance into Medicine programs beyond those required for the Associate of Science – Pre-Medicine degree. You should consult the medical school you are planning on attending to verify transferability and acceptance of all coursework.

        * Admissions information sessions for University of BC MD Undergraduate Program are offered at University of Victoria on a regular basis (see  for schedule).

        * For more information contact

    Completion Requirements

        * To be eligible for the Associate of Science Degree in Pre-Medicine, you must complete a minimum of 20 semester courses, as outlined above, and achieve a minimum overall GPA of "B" (5.0 out of 9.0) for ALL college/university course work (including failed courses).

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