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Hotel and Restaurant Management Diploma
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Hotel and Restaurant Management Diploma - Greater Sudbury - Ontario

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Hotel and Restaurant Management Diploma - Greater Sudbury - Ontario Hotel and Restaurant Management Diploma - Greater Sudbury - Ontario
In the Hotel and Restaurant Management program, the focus will be on the practical aspects of hospitality service. The program has been designed so that students develop and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the workforce and to perform their roles as front line service. Students will be instructed in mixology, wines, customer service, hotel services, and menu planning and design. They will also be provided with an introduction to managerial concepts including accounting, marketing, law and human resource management. Graduates will have a good understanding of the front and back operations of a restaurant, hotel, resort and lodge and the basic managerial skills necessary to coordinate the operation.
Hotel and Restaurant Management Diploma
Course Description:
      Semester 1
    * ENG1551   -   001   -   Writing Fundamentals: Ind. Study

      This course is required in the first semester of most post-secondary programs at Cambrian. The purpose of the course is to allow students to develop their independent learning skills and to review the fundamental conventions of Standard English.

    * BUS1600   -   003   -   Customer Service

      This course will provide students with the knowledge and tools needed for success in dealing with customers. Students will be exposed to practical, real-world concepts and experiences along with suggestions for dealing with a variety of customer situations and problems.

    * HRM1117   -   002   -   Introduction to Hotel Services

      This course is designed to provide students with an overview of hotel operations and services. Students will also be introduced to the basic organizational structure including the basic roles and functions of management and staff.

    * HRM1120   -   002   -   Dining Room Service-Theory

      This course is designed to develop the student's skills and knowledge of Dining Room Service and enhance awareness of the industry's desire for a well-trained employee. Management's view of a well-trained employee encompasses conviviality, understanding, the ability to adapt, and a desire to progress in the organization. Students will discover, through theory discussion and case studies, methods of motivation, sales analysis, and other control systems as they apply to technical procedures and policies for any position in the food and beverage industry. Students will also learn the value of rewards and feedback that management must provide to their employees.

    * HRM1121   -   004   -   Dining Room Service-Practical

      This course is designed to prepare the student to function in the role of a Host/Hostess, waiter/waitress, bartender, bus person, and restaurant supervisor. The student will go through intensive training to ensure that his/her practical performance meets industry-standards. Students will perform the basic setup of tables and work progressively towards lunch service buffet set-up and banquet service, learning the technical fine points that mean excellence in service. Most practical work will be in the College's Fontaine Bleue Dining Room.

    * HRM1125   -   003   -   Beverages

      Prerequisite: Student must be 19 years of age or older to participate in the tasting portion of the course. Beverages is the study of alcoholic beverages. It is also the study of the different liquors and liquor families and wines. Throughout this course, different mixing, shaking and building methods for cocktails will be studied and practised. The student will feel comfortable in adapting to any recipe or be able to create his/her own unique cocktail. The proper setup of an operational bar will be discussed and practised. The oenology of wine and traditions will be introduced.

    * HRM1230   -   002   -   Front Office Procedures

      The course opens with an analysis of the hotel industry and the factors surrounding front office management, with particular emphasis on front office systems and the receptionist's role. It develops the skills and training required to do the job. It enables the student to develop the social and technical skills expected by a contemporary employer for the position of a front desk clerk, night auditor, or receptionist.

    * MTH1224   -   003   -   Mathematics for Hospitality

      This course is designed to provide students with the basic mathematical skills necessary to function in the hospitality industry.

    * SAN1000   -   001   -   Sanitation

      In this course, students, as future food managers or food handlers, will gain an understanding of the important role they have in serving food to the public. They will learn, through weekly lectures, to follow a set of guidelines explained in the "Food Handler Certification Study Guide", to benefit all those involved in the Canadian Food Service Industry.

      Semester 2
    * BUS1106   -   003   -   Computerized Business Applications

      This course is a hands-on introduction to microcomputers and productivity software with applications strealined for business. Students will use a windows environment to handle file management, backup and system utilities, and an office suite to perform document processing, presentation tasks, and integration.

    * ENG1512   -   002   -   Workplace Communications

      This course will prepare students to achieve success in their workplace communications by developing their ability to use excellent communication skills.

    * HRM1112   -   002   -   Nutrition

      This course is designed to equip the student of Hospitality and Tourism with a working foundation of nutrition. Due to the growing sensitivity to health matters and especially to diet, emphasis will be placed on the practicability of the material presented in order that the food service worker is able to address these in his/her professional capacity.

    * HRM1130   -   004   -   Restaurant Practical II

      This course is designed to continue to build on the skills and techniques developed in HRM 1121. The students will have the opportunity to learn tableside service including, specialty coffees, Gueridon and Russion service. Students will have the opportunity to continue to refine their customer service skills while serving our international dinner menus.

    * HRM2436   -   004   -   Physical Facility Design And Maint.

      This course deals with the second phase of rooms division, which is Facility Design and Maintenance. This section provides the student with an understanding of how and why hotels and restaurants are built and how the maintenance of a building can affect the eventual success or failure of a company. This course deals with the management perspective on how to prevent or solve potential crisis or disasters and to study ways of providing efficient and safe working places for employees. In addition, this course also gives the student a perspective of a professional housekeeper's duties and responsibilities in operating a housekeeping department in a hotel. The course deals with the job description of an executive housekeeper and the fundamental steps that a person in this position should follow to ensure that the proper controls, safety measures, and productivity levels are achieved by housekeeping staff.

    * MKT1106   -   004   -   Marketing for Tourism & Hospitality

      This course is designed to provide a total overview of the contemporary marketing process, with a specific focus on the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Emphasis will be placed on concepts that are the basis for marketing decision-making as well as the process of developing marketing strategies. Formal group reports/cases will be introduced and used as part of the learning process.

      Semester 3
    * ACC1220   -   003   -   Business Records

      This course provides an introduction to the keeping of the essential financial records of a business for non-business students. The student will learn to record, classify, and summarize common transactions using the double-entry system of accounting, including transactions for cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable, petty cash and bank reconciliations.

    * HRM1200   -   003   -   Human Resources Mgt. For Hosp

      Students will learn the constraints of and facilitators for human resources' decision, planning, staffing and employee development and maintenance for the hospitality industry. Labour legislation and pay and employment equity are examined. Other topics include job analysis, recruiting, compensation and health and safety.

    * HRM2335   -   002   -   Front Office Acc.- Practical

      This is a continuation of the first year course with more emphasis on controls and management of a room division department. A practical placement in industry is a requirement for completion of this course.

    * HRM2355   -   003   -   Food, Bev. & Labour Cost Control

      In this course, the student is exposed to a basic understanding of techniques for the control of food, beverage, and labour cost. A study of different pricing methods and the rationale behind them will be explored. Analyzing payroll and control procedures for payroll as well as forecasting labour requirements, control of absenteeism and overtime will also be included.

    * HRM2320   -   004   -   Supervisory Management Practical

      This course introduces the student to restaurant management. The student will be able to apply the theoretical concepts of restaurant management that he/she learned in the classroom through various practical, hands-on experiences. Cambrian's Fontaine Bleue Dining Room will provide the students with a real-life learning environment in which to practice and develop the skills necessary for the efficient management of a restaurant.

      Semester 4

    * BUS3585   -   003   -   Entrepreneurship

      In the context of the College's General Education program, this course introduces the student to the key elements in the development of a business opportunity. The course demonstrates to the student how to investigate and develop the key ingredients of a successful business plan.

    * ACC1215   -   003   -   Accounting Simulation

      Prerequisites: ACC 1100 + enrolment in ACC 1310, BUS 1106 In this course, the student will analyze and record various financial transactions utilizing all modules of the Simply Accounting program: general, payable, receivable, payroll, inventory, and project. The student will also set up a complete computerized accounting system using the Simply Accounting software.

    * HRM1110   -   003   -   Food Theory

      The theory presented in this course will be harmonious with the practical application in the lab setting. The students are presented with benchmark standards for comparison and to enable them to develop personal precepts in Food Theory without losing sight of common basics. The student, through such exposure, will be able to develop skills, confidence, and knowledge in foods and will be readily able to adapt to any type of food production operation.

    * HRM1305   -   003   -   Hospitality Event Mgt. Practical

      Students will learn the steps in planning various events such as conventions, meetings, and trade shows. The culmination of the course will lead to the actual practical planning of a local event within the community or withing the College at the end of the semester.

    * HRM2300   -   008   -   Kitchen Practical

      The purpose of this course is to present the student with the proper basic cooking methods used in the industry, the safety of equipment handling, and the sanitation regulations in a professional kitchen. The student, through such exposure, will be able to develop skills and confidence and will be readily able to adapt to any type of food production operation. The student will have the opportunity to work in the department's industry style kitchen, which services 140 people in the Fontaine Bleue Dining Room. Included in this component will be productions for banquets, buffets, and cocktail receptions.

    * TTP1310   -   003   -   Tourism Law

      Students will learn the different types of legal issues they will encounter most frequently when they enter the tourism and hospitality business world.

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